2022 Top 12 Dishes

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I simply couldn’t decide on ten, so I have bumped it up to now be my top twelve favourite dishes of 2022 instead. In no particular ranking, as I loved them all.

Clearly, I really favoured langoustine a fair amount this year… and two pigeon dishes made it too, Hide of course made it again for a second year running with the same amazing lamb dish, and Claude but with a dessert this time, and what an epic dessert it is.

Just so many incredible dishes, so much flavour, so much skill and technique. So many brilliant and talented chefs. Here is my list below.

Have plans for plenty more amazing mymuybueno Visits in the year ahead, and as always flying the flag for not just good food, but all the good chefs too. Here’s to a brilliant 2023 of eating and experiences ahead.

Claude Bosi at Bibendum – Bibendum Chocolate Soufflé – @claudebosiatbibendum @claudebosi1

Launceston Place -Pigeon, burnt orange, Batek pepper and Foie Gras – @launcestonplace @benmurphychef

The Jane – Hamachi dry aged for three weeks, with the dashi butter – @thejaneantwerp @nickbril

Studio Frantzén– Roasted Orkney Scallops, with scrambled duck eggs, lashings of truffle, and beurre noisette – @studiofrantzenlondon @bjornfrantzen @marcusrohlen

Rote Wand Chef’s Table – Grilled French Langoustine, with a broth made from the langoustine heads, mushrooms and a soft custard – @rotewand_chefstable @maxnetmessnig

Allegra – Anjou pigeon, aged for nine days on roasted hay, beetroot and pecan mole, and the leg fried and finished with salt and pepper, and a sour cream to dip into. – @allegrarestaurant @ppowellchef

The Ritz – Langoustine à la Nage and Bronze Fennel – @theritzlondon @johnwilliamschef @spencermetzger

Ynyshir – Langoustine Scampi, rolled in roast garlic, finished with red miso sweet chilli – @ynyshirrestaurant @garethwardchef

Realé – Truffle – veal gel, black truffle, porcini mushroom, almonds, liquorice, rosemary, thyme, and some smokiness from a black tea – @ristorantereale @nikoromito

Hide – Roast Herdwick lamb with spring vegetables & clover – @hide_restaurant @joshanguschef

Kitchen Table – Thinly sliced Cuttlefish, cooked in chicken fat with Goan curry powder, roasted lobster sauce, caramelised mango, toasted peanuts and stem of coriander. – @kitchentable1 @jknappet

Jordnær – Raw shrimp, buttermilk, split with wasabi and dill oil – @restaurantjordnaer @evjordnaer

Here’s to a brand new and exciting year ahead, full of many more visits, good food and good people.  

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