Alain Passard’s Garden

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  • Visit Date: 9th July 2022
  • Restaurant: Alain Passard’s Garden
  • Address: Le Bois Giroult, Normandy, France
  • Telephone: +33 (0)1 45 50 23 14

What a most wonderful experience curated by Aiste Miseviciute – aka @luxeat, taking us to Le Bois Giroult in Normandy, 90km west of Paris to the beautiful garden of Alain Passard.

Alain spent many years renovating Le Bois Giroult, and has created a wonderful space with incredible light in a farmhouse style environment. Alain’s team includes his son Louis, who provided a tour all around the gardens to see all the different vegetables, herbs and fruit growing. Together they all cook in the kitchen, which is very rustic with a brick pillar in the centre and the counters laden with freshly picked bright vegetables. All guests are seated on a large wooden table in the next open plan room, to break bread and enjoy everything coming from the kitchen.

At the far end of the dining room is a big fireplace and then sculptures, one of a pair of chefs, then a large bronze crab and a lobster. These are all sculptures that Alain moulded in clay and which were later cast. A giant whisk stands tall in the garden too. One very talented individual is Alain.

Onto the food. Lots of very good and tasty but simple dishes, paying homage to all the produce grown on the land. The best tomatoes I have ever eaten, and wonderful aubergine and courgette flowers, all very good.

Then came a treat of lamb and also veal, and watching Alain carve it all up was great, the interaction between the table and guests and him, with flowing wine was a wonderful experience, and it helped that the weather was perfect for it too.

Alain lives up to his flirty reputation for sure, and he plays on it in a jovial manner. He’s all heart, passion and talent. And very clearly has created something very special, which I am grateful to have experienced, especially with a group of likeminded foodies who appreciated it just as much.

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