Asador Etxebarri

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  • Visit Date: 25th March 2023
  • Restaurant: Asador Etxebarri
  • Address: San Juan Plaza, 1, 48291 Axpe, Bizkaia, Spain

I have wanted to come here for such a long time, and finally to do so, was a sheer joy and the most incredible of experiences. I have never in one seating eaten bite after bite of the most beautiful produce. Experiencing this with everyone, as part of a wonderful few days away in San Sebastián curated by Aiste Miseviciute @luxeat. The quality of the ingredients here is something else and it is no surprise that this is one of the hardest places to secure a reservation at. Every single dish was just so incredible. The chuleton however was like nothing I have every eaten before. WOW. The baby octopus was another favourite, and I also completely loved the smoked milk ice cream with beetroot juice as a perfectly simple but insanely good palate cleanser. All of it was beyond. A whole other level. 

Meeting Victor Arguinzoniz, chef and owner after was a treat, who for the past thirty years is always working away on service with their many grills. He is one incredible individual and this is one experience I URGE you to go visit as soon as you can. The wine pairing by Mohamed was something else and matched beautifully.

Chorizo, the best I have ever had. 

A perfect anchovy.

Buffalo mozzarella, slightly smoked, with creamed sweetcorn. 

Gamba roja from Palamós, just incredible.

Baby gambas – which I had instead of the sea urchin.

Egg yolk with black truffle.

Baby octopus, LOVED THIS. 

Guisantes lágrima with first white asparagus.

Red sea bream.

Fresh chorizo tartare.

Rubia Gallega Chuleton, just exceptional. 

Smoked milk ice cream with beetroot juice, this was so incredible and a perfect palate cleanser.

Basque Cheesecake.

Chocolate soufflé.

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