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  • Visit Date: 15th November 2022
  • Restaurant: Aulis
  • Address:  16a St Anne’s Ct, London W1F 0BF

Finally… I have been wanting to visit here for a long time now, and made it here to Aulis and my goodness it did not disappoint. What an incredible experience. Everything from the wonderful intimate kitchen counter interaction to the outstanding food, and equally excellent wine pairing was top level, and I am baffled why they do not have a Michelin star. It has to come, because it was all beyond amazing. 

There were so many stand out dishes which blew me away, my favourites below.

The Beef tartar was insane, with charcoal oil which gave a lovely smoky flavour, combined with the addition of caper jam, pumpkin seeds and a bone marrow mayo, oh my goodness, just so tasty.

Lamb belly, this had been slowly braised and was just melt in the mouth, with a black garlic emulsion and pickled wild garlic. 

The birch sap glazed pudding with Berkswell was like a bread and butter pudding, birch sap being like maple syrup just from a birch tree instead, just amazing, with a good dose of cheese to top which was similar in taste to a mature pecorino. This was a deliciously comforting bite of heaven.

The Maitake mushroom with the egg yolk equally epic. All the flavour going on.

The carrot dumplings were sweet morsels of goodness and it was a very clever dish.

The Orkney scallop served raw, on a hot plate to start warming them through, the sauce made from the sauce from the roe and skirt of the scallop, a buttermilk-based sauce with smoked pike roe running through it, just wow. A little muffin to mop up the delicious sauce was served too. 

The duck, being Peking duck like Ynyshir uses, was excellent. The beetroot cooked in raspberry vinegar, a duck offal ragu. The flavour of every ingredient was just so yum and the depth of flavour in the sauce, exceptional. Charlie then added a little doughnut, topped with sugar and filled with the confit duck leg, holy moly, this was just beyond marvellous. What a dish.

Everything was so very tasty and utterly cram packed with flavour, and I loved the use of so many ingredients I have never tasted before, such as the birch sap and also the charcoal oil, so many wild flowers too.

The Tunworth cheese ice cream was exceptional.

All the desserts were excellent, really loved the frozen fig leave mousse and burnt honey ice cream.

To finish the selection of whiskies and spirits all filling the counter were amazing, my coffee was ground, filtered, and made in front of me. Just all a really nice touch and very different to anywhere else to end the meal this way.

The vibe was very special, the playlist was excellent, I love counter conversations with other guests, and the whole immersive experience with the chefs. Charlie and his team are doing sterling things here, Nico was so lovely and Charlie the sommelier too in this tiny little venue, massively clever use of space.  

I really look forward to returning again, quite simply, I loved it all. 

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