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  • Visit Date: 10th October 2021
  • Restaurant: BRAT
  • Address: 4 Redchurch Street, London

Holy moly. Wooden tables, tick, relaxed vibe, tick, open kitchen, tick. Great food, service and wine, tick tick tick. Another happy place right here in the form of BRAT. Been long on my list to come here, and I took my boys and they pretty much hoovered everything down, as this is our sort of family food. Bloody good ingredients cooked perfectly. It’s rustic, it’s simple, it’s great. 

Grilled bread with anchovy, wow, but even more wow, the grilled bread with girolles and St Helena cheese, melted with honey and thyme. I could have eaten another of these again, just for me. Sharing with my two gannets, meant everything that hit the table, I had to intervene just to get a shot of it, before they demolished the lot. The lamb chop, I managed to get one bite before they ate it all and fought over the bone to gnaw on. A whole turbot- we ate the lot- first time to be able to order a whole fish this way since Mallorca, such a treat, and one of my favourite life’s pleasures. Side of potatoes and the most amazing red peppers, simply marinated in vinegar and sugar, they were like gourmet popcorn, I couldn’t stop eating them. Despite being so very full, we ordered pudding because it would have been rude not to. Cheesecake and a caramel cream, both excellent- we rolled out of there. Looking forward to going back again.   

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