Introducing the mymuybueno Chefs Get Personal Podcast.

Evolving from our online interviews to better inspire you all. With your host Justine Murphy, Founder and CEO of mymuybueno, interviewing a different chef each fortnight, from all different walks of life, from rising stars to Michelin stars.

She will be asking the very same questions to each chef and of course every answer is very different, which is what makes each interview so inspirational.

We have been interviewing some amazing and highly renowned chefs over the past five years. Scroll back to read all of our chef interviews to date. 

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Chefs Get Personal Podcast - Trailer

Evolving from our online interviews to better inspire you all. With your host Justine Murphy, Founder and CEO of mymuybueno, interviewing a different chef each fortnight, from all different walks of life, from rising stars to Michelin stars.

She will be asking the very same questions to each chef and of course every answer is very different, which is what makes each interview so inspirational.


Rasmus Munk

In this episode Justine interviews Danish Chef Rasmus Munk, who is renowned for pushing boundaries at his award-winning restaurant Alchemist in Copenhagen, which opened in 2019.

Rasmus shares all about his time working in London when he was 18 at his first Michelin star restaurant. He has some seriously good advice for chefs joining the industry today, and when Chef Ferran Adrià came to visit Alchemist.

A genius and a trailblazer in all that he is doing, it’s a very inspiring interview and the very reason this podcast exists as Justine was so inspired and had to simply share it with you all and evolve our existing interviews in this way. 

At Alchemist, art, drama, gastronomy, and spectacular visuals blend into one all-encompassing multisensory experience. There are 50 “impressions” on the menu – many which comment on serious issues such as plastic pollution in the oceans or overcrowding in chicken farms. After only being open seven months Rasmus was awarded two Michelin Stars in the 2020 Michelin Guide and is currently ranked number 18 in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.


Claude Bosi

In this episode Justine interviews French Chef Claude Bosi as he shares what led him to become a chef, who his partner in crime is to eat with at Michelin restaurants and which two chefs inspire him most and why.

Claude was raised in Lyon, surrounded by food, where his passion for cooking and working in the kitchen began. Leaving France for England in his early twenties, Claude took up the position of sous chef at Overton Grange, a small restaurant in Ludlow, Shropshire, where he was promoted to head chef within a matter of month. In January 1999 the restaurant received its first Michelin star. 

In 2000, Claude left Overton Grange to open his own restaurant, named ‘Hibiscus’ after his favourite flower. Nine months after opening, Claude was awarded a Michelin star, and in 2004, he received his second. Satisfied with his cooking style, Claude set his sights on moving to a bigger stage with more possibilities. In 2007, Claude relocated the restaurant to London, before its doors closed in 2016. During the spring of 2017 Claude opened the doors of Claude Bosi at Bibendum within South Kensington’s iconic Michelin building – where he then regained – and currently retains – two Michelin stars once again.


Nick Bril

In this episode Justine interviews Dutch Chef Nick Bril as he shares some very sage advice for chefs to have another hobby and passion, just how the pandemic affected his restaurant and world, and how he evolved.

Chef Nick Bril is the owner and chef of the highly acclaimed two Michelin star restaurant The Jane in Antwerp in Belgium, ranked 23 of 50 Best Restaurants in the World. Nick is also an established international DJ an entrepreneur, as well as a family man.


Gaggan Anand

In this episode Justine interviews Chef Gaggan Anand from his pop up Chefs Table at Tomorrowland as he shares who he would take with him to a Michelin star restaurant and how he navigated through the pandemic with his team.

Gaggan is an Indian Chef who is the owner and executive chef of the Restaurant Gaggan in Bangkok, Thailand. The restaurant earned two Michelin stars in the first edition of the Thailand Michelin Guide as well as being ranked number 1 among Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant four times. Gaggan returned to Bangkok this summer with a 14 seat Chefs Table after pursuing other endeavours elsewhere such as pop up events in Singapore and Chefs Tables at festivals like Tomorrowland and Coachella.


Tom Aikens

In this episode Justine interviews British Chef Tom Aikens who shares about his time working with Pierre Koffmann and Joel Robuchon, and some sage advice for chefs starting in their career paths now.

Spending most holidays in France, Tom began to develop a flavour for French food which inspired him to develop his cooking skills further. Tom enrolled at the Norwich City College Hotel School, completing an Advanced Catering Diploma in 1989 and then began his career at Michelin-starred Cavalier’s in Battersea, London. He then moved onto The Capital Hotel working under Philip Britten, followed by a chef-de-partie position with Pierre Koffmann at La Tante Claire at a time when the restaurant was awarded with its third Michelin star. Tom later worked for Joel Robuchon in Paris, Gérard Boyer in Reims and Pied-à-Terre to name a few. It was in Pied-à-Terre that Tom became the youngest British chef ever to be awarded two Michelin stars, aged just 26. 

In 2018, Tom successfully launched 3 restaurant concepts in the Edition Hotel, Abu Dhabi, a ground-breaking hotel concept brought by Ian Schrager, in collaboration with Marriott International. 

2020 saw the most recent addition to Tom’s portfolio – Muse, a cosy 25-seater renovated mews house in the heart of Belgravia. Muse provides a unique and intimate dining journey, offering each guest a kitchen table experience from either the kitchen counter or table side. 

The first Michelin star was won in January 2021, despite having only being open for just 7 months in 2020 due to various lockdowns. Muse has won multiple awards such as The Hardens London Restaurant Award for “Best Gastronomic Experience” in September 2021, as well as London’s “Best Restaurant Design” at the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards in October 2021.


Dmitri Magi

In this episode Justine interviews Chef Dmitri Magi where he shares all about his life and just how far he has come, from a dream to reality. His time in noma and Eleven Madison Park, Davies and Brook and now as Culinary Director at Claridge’s Hotel. What a journey.

Originally hailing from Kazakhstan, Dmitri moved to Estonia at the age of 16 and worked in several restaurants there before taking over the kitchen of a popular restaurant in Latvia at the age of 26. From there he moved to Copenhagen and worked at the critically acclaimed Noma alongside Chef Rene Redzepi. After two years working at noma he moved to New York and joined Chef Michael Anthony at Gramercy Tavern. Dmitri has been an integral member of Chef Daniel Humm’s kitchen team at Eleven Madison Park, instrumental to the restaurant securing four stars from the New York Times and maintaining its 3 Michelin star status. In 2019, Dmitri moved to London to open the restaurant Davies and Brook at Claridge’s. The restaurant received one Michelin star and was rated as the best restaurant in the UK by GQ magazine. In 2022, Dmitri became the Culinary Director of the Claridge’s Hotel.


Gareth Ward

In this episode Justine interviews British Chef Gareth Ward, who is the owner and head chef of the award winning Ynyshir Restaurant & Rooms in Wales. Gareth shares all about how the pandemic created lots of time to make many brilliant new changes, some very good advice for chefs starting in their career paths now, and just how to pronounce Ynshir once and for all….

Set in 14 acres of diverse habitat and epic meadows, Ynyshir Restaurant & Rooms is home to some of the worlds most desirable dishes. Built in the 15th Century and formally owned by Queen Victoria, this striking property has changed exponentially since owners Gareth Ward & Amelia Eirikkson injected their ideas and individuality into the business. Gareth was awarded his first Michelin Star in 2013, and gained 4AA Rosettes shortly afterwards, the only place in Wales to hold the accolade, and the first time for Ynyshir Hall. Since then Gareth has put his heart and soul into Ynyshir by creating something truly unique and authentic to him. In 2022 Ynyshir was awarded its second Michelin Star, making it the only restaurant ever in Wales to hold this accolade.