Rasmus Munk


In this episode Justine interviews Danish Chef Rasmus Munk, who is renowned for pushing boundaries at his award-winning restaurant Alchemist in Copenhagen, which opened in 2019.

Rasmus shares all about his time working in London when he was 18 at his first Michelin star restaurant. He has some seriously good advice for chefs joining the industry today, and when Chef Ferran Adrià came to visit Alchemist.

A genius and a trailblazer in all that he is doing, it’s a very inspiring interview and the very reason this podcast exists as Justine was so inspired and had to simply share it with you all and evolve our existing interviews in this way. 

At Alchemist, art, drama, gastronomy, and spectacular visuals blend into one all-encompassing multisensory experience. There are 50 “impressions” on the menu – many which comment on serious issues such as plastic pollution in the oceans or overcrowding in chicken farms. After only being open seven months Rasmus was awarded two Michelin Stars in the 2020 Michelin Guide and is currently ranked number 18 in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.

You can follow Rasmus and Alchemist below to stay tuned and inspired with all he has going on ahead.

Chef Rasmus Munk is Chef and co-owner of Alchemist Restaurant


Instagram: @rasmusmunkalchemist & @restaurantalchemist

Twitter: @Alchemistcph

mymuybueno Visits: Alchemist

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