Kirk Haworth


In this episode, Justine interviews Chef Kirk Haworth as he shares about

Kirk Haworth leads the kitchen with unparalleled passion, inspired by his very personal journey in food and galvanised by his pursuit back to health. 

Winner of Great British Menu, Champion of Champion’s, Kirk has worked under the world’s top chefs at The French Laundry, Restaurant Sat Bains, The Square, The Quay and Northcote, perfecting his craft in Michelin-starred restaurants around the world for almost two decades.

In 2016, a diagnosis with Lyme Disease led him to overhaul his lifestyle and explore a plant-based diet in pursuit of health. His unique perspective also nurtures a thoughtful working environment for his team that focuses on balance and well-being, without compromising on taste or creativity. Taking all that nature has to offer, he delivers modern British plant-based food with high-end execution. 

With a focus on sustainability for people and the planet, Kirk has become a leading figure in British plant-based cookery. He is spear-heading a mission to improve chef’s wellness in the wider industry, as well as connecting people globally back to nature through the power of food.


Instagram: @kirk_haworth and @plates_london

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