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In this episode, Justine interviews Chef Daniel Berlin as he shares about

Vyn means view, and Daniel Berlin’s simple, elegantly sophisticated new restaurant in the very southeastern corner of Sweden has wonderful views over gently rolling landscape, all the way out to sea. A reimagined stately former farm on the crest of a hill with a vista of the Österlen countryside and the Baltic Sea, it’s surrounded by 18 acres of land running right down to the water’s edge.

Daniel closed his two-Michelin-starred Daniel Berlin Krog in September 2020, one of Sweden’s most respected and beloved restaurants. This new space is a forever home for Daniel, a chance to build on and perfect the experience from Skåne Tranås while adding elements that weren’t possible previously.

There’s a casual, intimate food & wine bar; the main restaurant, which includes a private area for up to 24 guests; a boutique hotel with 15 bedrooms, including two generous suites; and the lush fields and orchards of the surrounding grounds. There’s also the opportunity for adventures in all directions, being just a few hundred metres from the water, with walks and hikes on the doorstep.

The main restaurant serves Daniel’s focused and precise seasonal menu — honest, local produce from a larder he knows like the back of his hand. Following the seasons with clarity, originality and boldness, Daniel makes the absolute most of every ingredient — growing, foraging or hunting many of them himself. Being so intimately familiar with every element means these are deeply personal dishes.

“Vyn is a place to come and breathe,” says Daniel Berlin, “a place for me to put down roots and to continue to grow. We have really missed our guests. I can’t wait to welcome people here to share the calm and beauty of this special part of the world. It’s a chance for me to do what I love in the way I think it should be done, and this makes me very happy. I hope it makes other people happy too.”

Website: www.vynrestaurant.se

Instagram: @d_berlin @danielberlinrestaurant

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