Chef’s Table by Gaggan at Tomorrowland

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Where to start?!?! OH MY GOD. Firstly, I have wanted to experience all that is Gaggan for years, and I was so upset when he closed before, as I had really wanted to go but the timing just never worked. To finally be able to do so, and at such a special chef’s table event at Tomorrowland, was just incredible and an experience I will never forget.

I arrived to a gin and tonic put immediately into my hand, and took my seat at the counter with unsure expectations of what lay ahead, other than knowing it was going to be epic.

In front of me sat headphones and a passport book, with Gaggan’s actual passport doctored to have Tomorrowland on it and a bowl of emoji stickers to add in as you consumed each dish….this was fun, but I gave up after I was halfway through the wine pairing. I was drinking it all in the spirit of the event- no semi circles of wine tastings here, I went for it. The wines were all exceptional thanks to the excellent selection by Vladimir.

Oh my goodness. I have not laughed so much for a very long while, and this man is bloody hilarious. He’s genuine and all heart, like all the best people are. He is so passionate about each dish and the meaning behind it. And wow, it all tasted so good. His whole crew were just awesome, the vibe was electric.

I licked the plate, I put the headphones on, I sucked the baby bottle, I drank all the wine, and I immersed myself entirely in the whole Gaggan experience.

The interaction with the guests was just so good. Things like doing caviar bumps, which I later found out when I sat to interview him, was an off the cuff moment and not planned at all, it was meant for another dish. We all then demanded more by way of an encore, and everyone was clapping and chanting ‘we want more, we want more’.

You simply have to watch the whole video experience over on our mymuybueno Chefs highlights with sound, although not too loud, as between Gaggan’s swearing and my cackling, you may wish to turn it down a tad.

There are just so many dishes that I loved- all the bites to start were delicious.

The Lick It Plate- yes you had to just lick it all up- the music on the headphones to this being “Lick It Up” by Kiss… you have to put down any inhibitions you may have at the door and just embrace it all.

The lobster taco- so yum, and a very generous whole lobster each.

“We Didn’t Start the Fire” by Billy Joel blasted away in my ears as they set fire to all the leaf and wood wrapped sea bass, flames roaring and then putting them out, and you then unwrapped and enjoyed it all. It was just bloody excellent – by this point I was jamming and fully immersed – I actually loved this moment most… you can probably tell on the videos.

The lamb was beautiful.

The Pink Floyd song and dish was very powerful – a dessert made with rainbow colours which Gaggan created due to the laws surrounding stoning of the gay community in Brunei – he was inspired by “Dark Side of the Moon”, and taking a stone and turning it into a rainbow, which is super symbolic too.

The baby bottle – “You’ve licked my bowls/balls.. now suck my tits,” Gaggan declared while the soft notes of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” played in my ears…

I left on the biggest high. I didn’t see any of Tomorrowland apart from it being empty and the calm before the storm as it were, and then throughout the whole day the stage area filled more and more. The tunes blaring of old school classics just further added to it all.

I can’t wait to go visit in Thailand and immerse myself once again in the whole experience that is the brilliant, Gaggan. And tune in this autumn to hear my interview with him too, it’s a belter.

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