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Launched in 2016, mymuybueno Chefs is our ever-growing community of chefs and foodies. We feature plated dishes from talented chefs all around the world to excite and inspire others.

Our hashtag #mymuybuenochefs is used when chefs post their own dishes and they can use it to search for plating and culinary inspiration too.

Joining the dots, growing the community.

Community is at the heart of all that we do.

Justine has created mymuybueno Chef’s Table to bring together different chefs in one place, who may not get to meet or spend quality time together. To break bread with one another and to get to know each other better. Held at a different restaurant each month, supporting and experiencing a different chef and their menu, with a different combination of chefs seated, creating an experience to remember and to further bind our culinary community together and from which, new friendships formed, collaborations created, and conversations had, that may inspire.

Introducing the mymuybueno Chefs Get Personal Podcast.

Evolving from our online interviews to better inspire you all. With your host Justine Murphy, Founder and CEO of mymuybueno, interviewing a different chef each fortnight, from all different walks of life, from rising stars to Michelin stars.

She will be asking the very same questions to each chef and of course every answer is very different, which is what makes each interview so inspirational.

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