Davies and Brook (visit 2)

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  • Visit Date: 11th June 2021
  • Restaurant: Davies and Brook
  • Address: Claridge’s Hotel, Brook Street, London
  • Telephone:  +44 (0) 207 107 8848

Back again, and the new tasting menu and just happy to be back once more. I actually had another quick visit just when lockdown re-opened and their amazing fruits de mer platter, or platters should I say which was sensational, you’ll need to scroll down on my own Instagram feed to find it. 

Lots of favourites here but the roasted chicken stuffed with black truffle, foie, brioche, and tropea onion was pretty amazing as well as the black cod, with turnip, savoy cabbage and miso. Both so packed with flavour and executed perfectly. 

Then the finale being the Baked Alaska, which unlike the EMP version, which made you go weak at the knees when they brought it out, only to bring a tiny rose bud like slice to the table, here you get a big doorstop wedge of it, and it was GOOD. I would love to bring my boys for this, it was delicious, and top tip to note, you can ask for another slice, as it only gets thrown away after, they make a whole BA each time. I did ask to take it home but because of the meringue and any uncooked egg whites, it would be too high risk. 

Love it here just so much, amazing knowledge, and service and prestige. We have also interviewed Dmitri too.

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