Davies and Brook

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  • Visit Date: November 2019
  • Restaurant: Davies and Brook
  • Address: Claridge’s Hotel, Brook Street, London
  • Telephone:  +44 (0) 207 107 8848

So very excited to be here, it has literally just opened and also my very own cookbook shoots just wrapped, so it’s definitely a Krug celebratory moment for me. Having a taste of Eleven Madison Park right here in London is so very amazing, especially for so many who would never get over to NYC to visit. 

The interior is stunning, the team are amazing, the buzz is just awesome. Daniel himself is here too but the Head Chef in charge of this new baby is Dmitri Magi. 

There are a few stand out dishes here that wow me. The caviar dish with butternut, holy moly, this is so good I could eat it all over again. A seafood naan bread, with mussel powder to create that seafood umami goodness, and pickled butternut squash with crème fraiche and thyme. All seriously yum.

A pig’s bladder comes out, all explained on the video highlight, with celeriac that has been very slowly cooking inside by way of their spooning the hot broth over the bladder over and over again. There is black truffle and herbs accompany it inside. What a dish. 

The duck with honey, lavender- one of my favourites from EMP. Just a staple signature and one I will forever love. 

And a fab dessert too, I had been hoping for Baked Alaska but maybe that will make an appearance at a later date. This one was very good, simply called milk and honey. Milk ice cream, with a bee pollen tuille, liquid honey shortbread, pollen to top. Yum, loved the whole experience. Can’t wait to be back. 

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