Dinings SW3

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  • Visit Date: 7th April 2021
  • Restaurant: Dinings SW3
  • Address: Walton House, Lennox Garden Mews, Chelsea, London
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 207 723 0666

This was our first meal out of a long crazy upside down and life changing lockdown. Finally to be able to eat out again was pretty humbling and appreciative of the ability to do so. I took my boys with me to give them a treat and the sheer joy of being out of the house properly in three solid months.  So much goodness, and some favourites, the lobster tempura open sushi roll was so good, I barely got one piece as my boys hoovered it up. I absolutely loved the grilled shiitake mushroom with truffle soy, and the teriyaki wagyu burgers went down a treat with the boys, they asked for another each but at over ten pounds for a small slider each, I drew the line at more. They were soooo good they declared, yes, because it’s wagyu beef their palates are really getting good, especially Seth, my oldest, he literally can taste and describe the ingredients.  I also had a great tuna tartar with Toro- the fatty part of the tuna, Toro- in a mini taco, with jalapeno mayo. Like the salmon sushi and tuna sushi the raw fish was clumped together, I found this to be a tad mushy in the mouth-feel, I prefer tartar or maki to have diced or sliced sashimi. It was freezing cold outside, such was the first opening seating, being outside and there was a gas shortage so no heat in their heat lamps, but credit to their team, they brought out big blankets and little ceramic bowls filled with hot water for my boys to warm their hands up in. All delicious, with great service, and only a stone’s throw from my office so I will be back. 

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