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  • Visit Date: 24th March 2023
  • Restaurant: ELKANO
  • Address: Herrerieta 2, Getaria, 20808, Spain

As a lover of BRAT here in London, I was super excited to finally visit the very place that inspired it. ELKANO did not disappoint. This is a short and sweet review, as amongst some very tasty small dishes, there was just one main star of the show here, of course, and it was the turbot. I have to say it was better than BRAT, but one in their defence, they would be going through a lot more turbot and are very good at cooking it on the barbecue outside, but also, the quality of the fish was insanely good and went a long way towards my decision. 

Just a wonderful place, where the service staff wear Balenciaga dresses, yet it is a humble eatery, and a superb sommelier. When in San Sebastián it is most worthy of a detour to come here, order the turbot and you will be a very happy soul. I suggest a long walk after towards the port to shake off the fullness from demolishing every delicious morsel.

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