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  • Visit Date: 20th October 2021
  • Restaurant: Frantzén
  • Address: Klara Norra Kyrkogata 26, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Telephone: +46 (0) 820 8580

Wow wow wow, I can safely say, this is the best restaurant I have ever been to. In a heartbeat. The food, the service, the detail, no stone left unturned. I LOVED IT ALL.  The kitchen prep space has a direct video link live into the kitchen of Zen, which was like Per Se and French Laundry have. 

My favourite dish was their signature of French Toast, with grilled eel, yuzu, double marinated beef. It was sensational, as was everything else. The wine pairing was perfect, the knowledge, the passion, the level of work involved in all of it. Sat on the counter, which is my favourite place to be, it was like watching a ballet, such was the timings and teamwork. Björn is lovely, and he has a created a truly special place here. I can’t wait for him to come to London next year as they will be in Harrods, I’ll be booking that up early on for sure. 

The extraordinary level of detail really needs to be saluted. Next level service and thought. It was like the 100m superyacht of restaurants. From the journey to ring the bell, going up in a lift with mega cool music, to sitting for snacks at the beautiful bar space, to seeing the ingredients in a magical box, which would be coming to life for the menu, to the outstanding meal, before returning to the bar for petit fours. Even the special toilets get a mention, with a button to press to open, uber cool Japanese toilets and even toothbrushes, individually wrapped, because that is the level of thought and detail gone into everything. Upon boarding my plane home, I wanted to just step off and return to go and eat it all again, it was a meal I simply didn’t want to end, and an experience like no other. 

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