Hélène Darroze at the Connaught (visit 2)

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Where to even begin. We have interviewed both Hélène and Marco before, so do enjoy their inspiring interviews and just what makes them tick. I first visited here five years before, and since stayed in very good touch with Marco, who is so immensely talented, he is also a really nice and down to earth guy too and this visit, marks my birthday, my 40th birthday at that. Just before another lockdown is happening, yet again, I am squeezing in the visits to all my favourite people to eat well and celebrate. Made this visit a family affair and my boys were looked after well with Michelin level pasta and chicken dishes, and a tour of the kitchen and candy floss after too, they were very happy. Everything was outstanding, three star for certain and it really won’t be long until they achieve it. 

The cep dish was incredible, and the scallop dish with the huge scallop with tandoori spice was delicious, but, it’s the Signature Baba, lemon verbena, blackberry, with Hélène’s own family Armagnac to choose from. This is absolutely my favourite thing to eat here, as much as I adored all the dishes, this one just makes me happy inside out. I would go back in a heartbeat just to eat this. 

Update 2021- since this visit, Hélène and Marco have been awarded a much deserved third star. 

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