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  • Visit Date: 13th April 2022
  • Restaurant: Jordnær
  • Address: Gentoftegade 29, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Telephone: +45 2240 8020

All in all, a very good meal. Some excellent dishes. I found the beginning quite rushed- through each snack, as I finished one, the next came out before I even had a moment to think about what I had eaten.

One dish I thoroughly enjoyed was the Rose, Scallop, and Champagne Currants dish, it was clean and fresh but also delicate, and I hadn’t seen or tasted anything like it before. The dishes were executed perfectly, visually beautiful, and paid homage to the ingredients well. Delicious flavours and my goodness, I think I ate my body weight in caviar. There was a lot of caviar. I know Eric loves his caviar, and this is then reflected in the price, and I adore caviar, but… I just felt a tad caviar’d out.

The raw shrimp, buttermilk, split with wasabi and dill oil was very good, the wasabi provided a nice kick, and again very refreshing and clean. I liked this a lot, and may even make it for one of my top dishes of this year.

I also loved the second serving of Japanese Hamachi, served with an oyster emulsion, Japanese wasabi and ponzu sauce – this was beautiful.

The cod, dashi, onion broth and onion oil, loved this and the camomile, milk and honey dessert too. A very good wine pairing to match.

We had the petit fours in the kitchen which was great, and I very much look forward to seeing all that Eric does next.

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