Jules Cooking X Restaurant Moon

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  • Visit Date: 31st March 2023
  • Restaurant: Restaurant Moon
  • Address: Overhoeksplein 1 1031 KS Amsterdam

After what was an incredibly long flight to Amsterdam due to many delays, I finally made it over to Jules Wiringa’s pop up at Restaurant Moon in Amsterdam, where he used to work, many moons ago. Sorry, excuse the pun, fully intentional.

A chance to eat Jules’ food was a treat, and it did not disappoint. I am excited by all he has ahead in his career.

I have been following Jules Wiringa for some time, watching his immense talent just grow and grow. You’ll better know him of course as Jules Cooking, dominating the globe with his most excellent talent. I also have interviewed Jules when he was over to London for Season 2 of my mymuybueno Chefs Get Personal podcast, so stay tuned for that to drop in the coming weeks ahead where you will get to know so much more about him.

This was a great restaurant unlike any other I had been to for the fact it was turning, at first I thought it was because I was tired from flying, and then I wondered how fast the wine I was drinking had hit me, and had to confirm with Jules that yes, indeed we were turning, and the whole restaurant would slowly be turning to provide a 360 degree view over the most incredible views of Amsterdam. This meant the inside view changed too, providing glimpses inside the kitchen and the bar. Albeit very slowly so you don’t feel like you are on a merry-go-round.

A really strong start with a few tasty snacks. A pie tie with furikake and garden peas was first to hit my lips and it was so good, with bursts of lime and wasabi in each bite. Followed by the tartlet with mushroom duxelles and liquorice, this was incredible and well balanced. 

The buckwheat bread was excellent, and also very dangerous, I couldn’t stop eating it, which I slathered with the beurre noisette buckwheat butter. Knowing Jules loves bread, my expectations were high, and were met. 

Onto a fresh crisp clean starter, dumplings made of Celeriac with ponzu and a dashi broth, this would have had crab inside but with my allergy it was omitted. 

Millefeuille of Pumpkin, almond sauce, pumpkin oil, seeds and tangerine gel and almonds. The almond sauce was insane.

Jerusalem artichoke which had been cooked in the oven and toasted to create crispy skins, and a then a beautifully smooth cream from the insides, a caramelised onion broth, Madeira jelly, and hazelnuts complemented this dish, it was SO good. 

Mains of braised short rib, brioche, potato fondant, shortbread tuille, a garden salad, all finished off with a balsamic vinegar sauce. This was just heaven. Every bite was so delicious, the short rib melted in your mouth, and yet another perfect sauce to match. 

Rhubarb, strawberry, rhubarb root and hazelnut. This was a clean tasting dessert, the sharpness of the rhubarb with the right balance of sweetness, and a yoghurt ice cream. I really loved the rhubarb broth too. All the flavours just married together perfectly.

Final thoughts. Wow. This boy can cook. Jules, please do hurry up and get your own space for doing pop-up dinners please as we need more of this for sure. He is super talented as you’ll know from his videos, with a vast repertoire of culinary expertise up his sleeve. Loved it all.

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