Kitchen Table

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  • Visit Date: 27th October 2021
  • Restaurant: Kitchen Table
  • Address: 70 Charlotte Street, London

Well, here we go. Lots of Frantzén nods I felt, especially after just experiencing it all. The bar and snacks, the whole counter experience, and lots of influence with some ingredients and style, however that’s where the comparison stops, and James and his talent and passion and own Kitchen Table experience take over. I loved the fact that James and his team took turns to share each dish, the ingredients and the story behind them, the only other chef who has done this from my visits this year was Edoardo at Mãos and it really brings heart to each dish, and you get a feel for the chef and what makes them tick, The ingredients being used here were absolutely amazing, and I learnt about the beef mushroom, which grows in the UK, including London, which blew me away, it was so good. 

I loved all the snacks, and the first dish of the celeriac, turnip and kohlrabi, just clean and delicious and allowing the ingredients to speak for themselves. The venison, the lobster, the St Jude cheese, the mallard, all these dishes were beautifully executed, and the flavours delivered. 

Kitchen Table- An immersive experience. I can’t wait to be back. 

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