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  • Visit Date: June 2021
  • Restaurant: KOL
  • Address: 9 Seymour Street, London
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 20 3829 6888

What an amazing place and experience and a joy to have KOL nestled in the heart of London. Santiago and his incredible team with the open kitchen and noma-esque vibes carried across from his time spent there with Rene. I loved the Taco with lobster, smoked chilli and cucumber limes, the Corn and yellow pepper custard with caviar, the Halibut cooked in the corn husk was so delicate and I think the one I loved most. And of course, the pulpo and the confit pork cheek tacos, and giant spread, you are meant to have one or the other, but of course I wanted to try both. Had the pairing which was very good, and to start downstairs a very good margarita too. I did feel slighted pickled by the time I left, lots of mescal. Loved it all and will be back.