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  • Visit Date: 9th June 2021
  • Restaurant: Mãos
  • Address: 41, Redchurch Street, London 
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 207 739 9733

Wow oh wow oh wow. I am still absorbing and processing my experience here. You ring the bell outside on the street, which already made it feel special – I half expected a sliding window to open and for me to provide a password for entry. I went up some stairs and entered into this wonderful Mãos world. From the glass of bubbles poured with a warm welcome, the smells coming from the kitchen and the first serving being presented to then taking your seat and the natural wines, and the joy of Edoardo sharing each dish and how it came to be. You feel utterly immersed in the experience, yet it also feels humbling, and simple, and just good.

The visits into the kitchen were so lovely, even more so again after the whole lockdown madness, just having such extra interaction was lovely, and seeing the dishes come to life, and all of Edoardo’s passion was a sight to behold. The lobster was amazing, the umami packed into every dish, and just when I thought we couldn’t possibly eat any more for being so full, out came an entire sunken honey cake which was incredible, and the leftovers they wrapped up for my boys, which they thoroughly demolished the next day. I also learnt more about tea here, and the different washings, and having this to accompany dishes was very special and another very beautiful element to this wonderful restaurant. 

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