Marchal (2nd visit)

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  • Visit Date: 14th April 2022
  • Restaurant: Marchal
  • Address: Hotel D’Angleterre, Copenhagen
  • Telephone: +45 33 120094

My second visit here, and my third stay in Hotel D’Angleterre. I love it here and it’s my go to place to stay whenever I come to Denmark. I love it also as Ronny Emborg used to be the Head Chef here, before heading to Atera. Another great chef, Mads Thomsen, was Head Chef here on my first visit, but is now a chef on my agency books working privately on super yachts. They also have an amazing spa… Marchal is Nordic inspired with a French twist.

This was meant to be a light lunch before heading to Alchemist that evening, but I couldn’t resist ordering what I did, because why not. Delicious gougères with truffle cream and Comté- so good. Jamón Ibérico on brioche with cep mushroom and gruyère. Whole black lobster, with Marchal gold caviar and crispy salad, and then as I had years before, their signature Marchal Gold Bar and Chocolate Ice Cream. Everything was utterly excellent.

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