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To inspire, empower, strengthen, support and motivate women in business. Hosted by Justine Murphy, founder of mymuybueno, as she shares her own experiences in growing her business and brand, being a mother and overcoming adversity, all of which she shares to inspire and empower others with.

Covering a different topic each fortnight and welcoming inspiring guests, all of whom are women in business, sharing their own journey and experiences with you.

Tackling real issues that determine the day to day and the bigger picture when running your own business. Keeping it real and talking about it all. The finance, the growth, the successes, the naysayers, the multi-tasking, the insecurities, the ups and downs, the social media, and the ability to adapt and evolve in difficult times.

This podcast is about sharing honestly and vulnerably, for you to take away what resonates to apply into your own world, personally and professionally.

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Introducing the mymuybueno Women in Business Podcast

Launching on Thursday 17th September. To inspire empower strengthen support and motivate women in business. Hosted by Justine Murphy founder of mymuybueno as she shares her own experiences in growing her business and brand being a mother and overcoming adversity all of which she shares to inspire and empower others with. Covering a different topic each fortnight and welcoming inspiring guests all of whom are women in business sharing their own journey and experiences with you. Tackling real issues that determine the day to day and the bigger picture when running your own business.


mymuybueno and Me

Justine shares how mymuybueno came to be, the story behind the name and umbrella brand, and her vision to make it what it is today. How it started, her background, each of the divisions within the company and how they all work together. Sharing her passion for this podcast and why it’s going to be a big fortnightly burst of energy to equip and inspire you in your walk as a woman in business. Translating what she has been building for the past few years with her women in business community, to make it more accessible and beneficial for you.


Adapt and Evolve

It’s been the most gruelling past few months for so many of us who have businesses. In this episode, Justine shares a very honest and very raw account about the impact Covid had on her own business and family. The journey she has been on over the past months and what she has learnt and can share with you.


Growing Your Community

With guest Anne Scott, Founder of Girl Gone International, an incredible global community of 500k+ members, spanning 200 cities, over 60 countries with a reach of over 8 million. Anne shares just how she started her community, how it has grown into what it stands at today, and how it propelled her into utilising what she has learnt into creating her business, that helps others build their own communities and more. Sharing the importance of building your community, finding like-minded people who share your values and staying true to what motivates and inspires you, and that through hard work and passion, it will grow and amazing things can and will happen.  


Core Values and Philosophy

A formula that works. At the very heart of your business and brand should be your core values. Your mission statement and your philosophy. Justine shares about hers and how they are so crucial to your business. To dictate every decision you make, who you work with and more.


Fear of Promoting Yourself

With guest Chloe Morris, a marketing mentor and online course host under her company and brand Pink Flamingo Marketing which she founded in 2015.

She works with business owners worldwide to build clarity around their unique brand, practical ways to forget FOPY™ (Fear Of Promoting Yourself) and establish confident marketing strategies.

Chloe’s from Wales but has lived as a digital nomad since 2016 working remotely and running workshops and online courses. Chloe shares all about marketing, it’s importance within your business, some top tips on the next steps to help you get out of limbo, and sharing how to overcome that fear of promoting yourself and to understand where it stems from.

Follow Chloe and Pink Flamingo Marketing:  Facebook Instagram and join her Facebook Group.


Ducks in a Row

Modern life means juggling so many balls, especially more so if you are a mother too. The pressures and expectations surrounding every day life, both personally and professionally. In this episode, Justine shares about her every day world, how she manages to juggle being a mother to her two boys, and manage multiple businesses, staff and more. How she keeps her ducks in a row, despite life often throwing them out of sync, and how you can learn to better manage your time.


Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Guest Guest Octavia Goredema MBE, Founder of Twenty Ten Agency

Twenty Ten Agency is a career coaching company, based in Southern California.  Founded by Octavia Goredema, the company provides career coaching services to corporations and professionals across the United States.

Octavia Goredema is a career coach and writer.  Octavia is the founder of Twenty Ten Agency, where she and her team provide career coaching to professionals across the United States. Octavia’s work is driven by a passion for helping people connect with their potential, leveraging their unique strengths to make their careers soar.

Octavia’s forthcoming book, a career guide for under-represented women, will be published by Wiley. 

Octavia is the co-host of HBR Now, Harvard Business Review’s weekly show. Octavia’s work has been featured in leading media outlets including Yahoo, The GuardianGrazia magazine, Stylist magazine and Black Enterprise. Originally from England, Octavia was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire by the Queen (MBE). Octavia is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, where she leads the Gender Equity Thematic Network in the United States. 

Octavia shares her remarkable journey as a woman in business, how she built her company, and then discusses all about Imposter Syndrome. Sharing how to overcome it, recognising it, and some brilliant tips to help you to steer away from experiencing it.

Follow Octavia on Instagram and Twitter and you can visit her website here


Dealing with the Naysayers

In today’s episode, Justine shines light on a topic less talked about. Dealing with the naysayers. The haters, the trolls, the individuals who pull you down, how to handle them, manage them, remove them, and strengthen yourself when you come up against them. Recognising them, so you can better handle and deal with them on a day to day basis when you come against the same challenges. Understand why it happens, and safeguarding yourself better so you can keep reaching for your dreams and realising your potential.


Importance of Our Customers

With guest Sophia Alexia who founded Sophia Alexia in London in 2015, having graduated from London college of Fashion in the summer of 2014. Always being passionate about art, design and photography and always knowing that she wanted to do something within the creative industry.

Sophia struggled with the construction process as she found it too technical and mathematical. Instead she decided to concentrate on the design process which led her to specialising in a degree course at The London College of Fashion specialising in Printed Textile Design for Fashion. 

Sophia Alexia is a luxury resort wear brand based in London and is currently stocked in select boutiques around the world. Sophia Alexia can be purchased in The Sandy Lane Hotel in Barbados and Fortnum and Mason Department store in London.

The brand focuses on designing timeless pieces that are multi-functional, allowing them to be worn from beach to bar and therefore making them the perfect holiday staples. The collection is also designed to be worn by women of all ages, as the styles are both flattering and glamorous, making them popular with both daughter and mother. 

Sophia shares all about the importance of our customers, talking about her business and her strong return rate.

How the customer always remains at the focal point behind her design process. To always remember who it is that she is designing for, and why, whilst always creating something unique and beautiful which will make their customers feel special and good about themselves. 

From there Justine shares even more about this crucial topic and further research she has done, to inspire and help you to realise the value and importance and why it matters so very much.

Visit the Sophia Alexia website and follow Sophia on Instagram too.

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