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Navigating the Pandemic

Guest Harriet Mansell, Chef and Owner of Robin Wylde and Lilac Restaurant & Wine Bar

Harriet Mansell grew up in Devon and studied History and Politics at Cardiff University. She had ambitions to open a restaurant since the young age of 13, but took a different route of getting there.

In her early twenties she worked in a variety of roles before deciding to commence formal training at Tante Marie Culinary Academy. After a few stages at restaurants such as Noma in Copenhagen, and Dinner by Heston, she then entered the superyacht industry. This is how she met Justine, who placed her in a Chef role. Following a few years in the superyacht industry, Harriet took a step back to recalibrate and determined that then was the time to throw it all in to opening up the restaurant she had always dreamed of. After coming back to the UK and discovering a pop up location to rent, the rest is history.

Robin Wylde officially opened in October of 2020, and Lilac Restaurant & Wine Bar followed in August 2021. Over this time, some awards and accolades have been won, including: Winner of the 2018 Antigua Yacht Chef competition, Local Business Rising Star Awards 2021, both restaurants being included in the 2022 Michelin Guide, nominee in the Chef to Watch category at the 2021 National Restaurant Awards, and represented the SW in the 2020 Great British Menu. Harriet is currently working on lots of exciting projects for the year ahead, including featuring on the chef line up at Wilderness Festival this year.

In this episode Justine explores the amazing journey Harriet has had, and just how much she has had to navigate through the pandemic, while opening two businesses, and the realities behind that.

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