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The mymuybueno Cookbook

Start your day, the mymuybueno way with 160 delicious and healthy refined sugar-free recipes.

About Us

mymuybueno is a luxury food and lifestyle brand with multiple divisions within the group. Founded in 2011 by Justine Murphy.

Our Name

Our name comes from our love of the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca, which is the heart and home of our founder and her family. Alongside her wealth of experience within the field in which we operate, it was this incredible island that inspired Justine’s vision and dream.

The ‘my’ reflects our British roots, Justine being British herself, and also defines the personal touch that is so crucial to our brand and values. The ‘muy bueno’ is the Spanish translation of ‘very good’, a phrase used commonly in relation to great food. Merging these words together, Justine established our registered trademark and unique name: ‘mymuybueno’.

This combination of words represents exactly what our brand is about: reflecting our roots and our values, and demonstrating our understanding that it is only through the combination of these factors, and with them working in unison, that we can truly deliver on our company promise and philosophy of excellent quality with a personal touch.

Our Mission Statement

Founded in 2011, mymuybueno is a destination for luxury food and lifestyle, combining exceptionally high standards and a personal touch in all that we do. We stand by and never compromise our core values of Pride, Integrity, Ambition, Passion and Love.

“Our Founder and CEO Justine Murphy is consistently at the helm, running the company with her unparalleled drive and passion.”

Founded in 2011 and grown from the ground up, mymuybueno is a highly successful international company and brand with seven separate divisions within the group and an ever-growing online presence.  

Our Founder and CEO Justine Murphy is consistently at the helm, running the company with her unparalleled drive and passion and working tirelessly to keep connecting the dots between all divisions in order to continue building mymuybueno into something uniquely special. 

The mymuybueno Cookery School, located in Palma de Mallorca, enjoys visiting guest chefs such as Tom Aikens, Daniel Clifford and Adam Handling – all of whom have also featured on mymuybueno Chefs, with its vast Instagram following from chefs and foodies alike. The growing use of the hashtag #mymuybuenochefshas formed a special community in the culinary world, as has mymuybueno Chefs Get Personal, the popular fortnightly interview conducted with chefs from across the globe, many of whom are the very chefs on our agency books – mymuybueno Private Chefs – the biggest MLC certified private chef agency in the world for placement on super yachts and private properties. mymuybueno Interior is our personalised agency for high-net-worth household staff and super yacht interior crew, mymuybueno Lifestyle our elite concierge and lifestyle management division, and mymuybueno Luxuryware our division supporting all luxury flatware needs. The original division of the group, the mymuybueno Deli, is located in the centre of Palma de Mallorca and currently boasts seven Great Taste Awards, whilst mymuybueno Bespoke Events provides luxury plant-based and vegetarian catering solutions across Mallorca.

Our impassioned Founder and CEO Justine has recently published The mymuybueno Cookbook, where she shares not only her favourite recipes, but also her own incredible story and tips on juggling the many balls of modern life. She is a big advocate for both women in business and working mothers, and hosts her own Women in Business events to inspire and empower women.

Justine’s vision within the brand extends to setting a new standard and level of expertise in the field of fine food, top chefs, restaurants and knowledge, and mymuybueno is a name now recognised internationally as representing true quality within this genre and market.

With headquarters in both London and Mallorca, we have an unrivalled, ever-growing team of staff within the mymuybueno family, whose passion and commitment to our vision and core values is reflected in all of our successes. 

Social Media

We have multiple accounts on social media which we invite you to follow so as to stay on top of our news, and to become a closer part of the mymuybueno family.

Follow our Founder and CEO Justine Murphy on Instagram @mymuybueno for updates on her daily life and her continually growing business, within her dynamic world of good food and good people.

With a vast following, our chef platform ;mymuybueno Chefs @mymuybuenochefs  is where we showcase top talent by chefs globally. We feature the very best plated work of the world’s top chefs and restaurants, displaying what we feel is the current top talent so as to excite and inspire others.

We encourage chefs to use our ever-growing hashtag #mymuybuenochefs so as to search for inspiration amongst our talented followers, as well as have the opportunity of being featured on our platform themselves. The hashtag has recently surpassed 50k uses by chefs globally.

“We pride ourselves on having an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we undertake.”

Our Values

mymuybueno was born out of Justine’s own personal experiences and passions, identifying a gap in the market for a company dedicated to luxury food and lifestyle that truly upheld the personal touch.

With the different divisions all sitting under one umbrella brand, we are able to continue expanding upon this vision, creating something very special, but retaining the same values and continuity throughout each.

We recognise that every client, chef, staff member and student is unique, and this understanding is at the heart of everything that we do. Not only do we strive to be the best, but we look at each and every person, product and service individually to ensure we are matching the best with their best.
We focus on giving all our clients, across all our divisions, the bespoke and personal service they deserve.

Upholding high standards and looking after the individual is very important to us at mymuybueno, and we pride ourselves on having an uncompromising determination to achieve excellence in everything we undertake.

Pride, Integrity, Ambition, Passion and Love are the core values by which we operate. They are integral to the company, and stand behind everything that we do.