Pollen Street Social (visit 2)

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  • Visit Date: July 2021
  • Restaurant: Pollen Street Social
  • Address: 8 – 10 Pollen Street, London
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 207 290 7600

Why oh why, have they only still got one Michelin star? They are delivering to two and were almost there five years ago when I was last year, I had expected to return to see this recognised but not just yet it seems, come on Michelin. Lots of good one stars not even close to what they are doing here. 

When I was doing my Cordon Bleu training at Tante Marie, one of the students on my course, well the only other student on my course, Sam, wanted to stage somewhere after, and I had just been to Pollen Street Social to review it and raved all about it. He ended up doing so and then securing a job and staying ever since, so not just seeing him again at the end of the meal, was amazing, but the fact he cooked some of the dishes too made it even more lovely, so very proud of him too. 

What a meal- I loved everything- just magnificent, beautifully executed, so much love goes into each plate. Some great wines and bubbles too. Lovely to see a Santorini wine on the menu also. 

My favourite dish was the marinated Orkney sea scallop, tomato water, lemon and apple, frozen dashi with wasabi, ponzu and dill oil. Wowzers. LOVED THIS. The risotto was good but burnt my mouth as it was a touch too hot. 

The caviar course was exceptional even more so being served it by Jason himself. The nostalgia I had while there for my time before, and the years that have passed since, and the me then, and the me now, only made my visit even more symbolic and special. I really really like it here a lot. 

The turbot, the lamb, every dish was excellent, even the petit fours- which usually I don’t eat, but here I had to force myself to stop eating them all.

Every detail. Dale amazing, Jason amazing, we recently interviewed him too, and a mention for Sam also, and all their team, just bravo, now hurry up and get that second star bagged. 

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