Reale – Breakfast

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  • Visit Date: 23rd October 2022
  • Restaurant: Reale
  • Address:  Contrada Piana, Santa Liberata, 67031 Castel di Sangro AQ, Italy

Wow, the breakfast of all breakfasts. A first time for everything and having a three Michelin star breakfast was most definitely one to remember forever. Being mindful that I had already eaten lunch, and dinner the previous day, which I always aim to only ever do one meal a day when doing a visit, but seeing as I was staying here, and it was all back to back, I couldn’t just have a coffee to try to aid my digestion. 

I had restrain myself not get carried away as then would be heading off for not only a two star lunch, but also went in pursuit of the best pizza in the world too. Everything was so wonderful. I ordered bacon and poached eggs, having no idea what would be coming other than bacon and eggs on a plate, so I asked for avocado, which they did not have, and instead asked for some sliced tomato to accompany it. However, of course just bacon and eggs would not be coming from Niko Romito’s kitchen. A glass, like that of a cocktail, with a beautiful delicately poached egg and small morsels of crispy pancetta arrived. I felt a little silly when my plate of sliced tomato came on it’s own and had to share it round the table to save face for requesting it. 

The pastries were sensational of the bite or two that I managed of each, the conserves, the juices, everything, there was even ice cream which I couldn’t taste as I was already so very full. What an incredible experience. Loved it all and will most certainly be back for this pilgrimage again.  

Such a special place.

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