Restaurant Story

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  • Visit Date: 13th May 2022
  • Restaurant: Restaurant Story
  • Address: 199 Tooley Street, London SE1 2JX
  • Telephone: +44 207 183 2117

I’ve been wanting to do a visit here for so long, and to finally be here to enjoy the whole Story experience is super exciting. A lovely handwritten note from Tom Sellers, who was present and on service, was a thoughtful start. 

It is such a great space, and being a blue sky sunny day meant a gorgeous light shone into the restaurant, thanks to the big glass frontage. They are having a refurb this year and adding another ‘storey’ to story, sorry… had to be done, and that will provide even more space and even more epic views out into London, to watch the world go by from their little island location.

Onto the food. Just excellent. Favourites, certainly the Grilled Carlingford Oyster, Chicken Fat, XO Sauce and Sea Lettuce. Yum, it was just delicious. 

I loved the Tomato, Vanilla and Oscietra Caviar dish too, the caviar tin left and another quenelle dished up to further enhance this dish, which was really tasty and visually so beautiful too. 

The beef fat candle is of course a signature Story dish and was so good- the fun of tearing the soft perfect bread roll open, pouring the beef extract into the melted beef fat to dunk your bread into, and then topped with the pickled celery which cut through the richness. It was epic and quite dirty, loved it. A super truffle custard followed that was very nice. 

However, slightly baffled by the next dish- my dining companion was given the Dorset Snail and I was given a vegetarian pasta alternative, although my allergy is with crab, not snail, so unsure why they made this decision. I love snails, so ultimately it led to us sharing dishes and when clearing, our plates being swapped over. Even our wine pairings were different. Both of us were equally confused, and no explanation provided as to why this even was. 

Moving on… a sterling cod dish and an excellent citrus sabayon, a very good lamb dish, just full of so much flavour.

LOVED the Paddington Bear and its perfect balance of foie gras, cardamom and marmalade, I worried it would be too sweet and sickly, but it wasn’t at all. 

The Almond and Dill dessert was ace, I know everyone winces about dill oil being overused nowadays, but this was an amazingly good dish, with texture and crunch with the praline, almond and dill. I could have licked the plate. 

Flavour is something they do well here, I haven’t said that about any other visit to date. Just every dish not only looks beautiful, and is technically excellent, but it’s cram packed with good flavour, allowing each ingredient to truly speak for itself. 

Combined with a most excellent playlist, truly good service, both of which create a relaxed environment and then an excellent wine pairing, from a sommelier with very good knowledge- I also liked the fact as I am not a fan of dessert wine, he offered me a cocktail pairing instead for my desserts, which no one has done before and was a nice touch.

I’ll be back for certain. 

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