• Visit Date: 26th February 2023
  • Restaurant: Schloss Schauenstein
  • Address: Obergass 15, CH-7414, Fürstenau

Finally I have made it to Schloss Schauenstein. I have been wanting to visit here for some time, and wow, what an experience. I firstly met with the silver fox that is Chef Andreas Caminada to interview him for season 2 of mymuybueno Chef’s Get Personal Podcast, and then he gave me a wonderful tour of what was an incredible village of his restaurants, hotels, coffee grinding, bakery, showing me the amazing basement filled with every type of fermentation you can imagine, and more. I have dedicated a highlight on mymuybueno Chefs just for this. What he has created here is really special, there is an amazing feel of community at the heart of it, which is what Andreas is so clearly driven by, and looking after and supporting the people around him. Whether that is locals who sell their produce, or his team who he wholeheartedly credits. 

Over to the main event being Schloss Schauenstein, which started first with some really delicious snacks. An Air bread, filled with lentil cream was delightful, Marinated fennel with citrus which was fresh and clean, a Tartlet with onion, a Radish rose with ponzu which I loved, and then absolute favourite was a Mushroom mille feuille. All super tasty and the perfect start.

Seated in the beautiful dining room, with wooden clad walls, the next snacks appeared, a Beef tartar with yoghurt foam and a Bread taco filled with pastrami and mustard. Both of which were equally as enjoyable as the first snacks and whet my appetite for more to come.

The first plate was Chicory leaves with a chicory sorbet, I am not a fan of chicory, I find it just way too bitter for my palate so I passed this dish along to one of my gourmand dining buddies to eat on my behalf. Next came a Jerusalem artichoke and pear dish which was lovely, and beautifully balanced. 

Carrot and Mirabelle plum next. Very good.

Whitefish, Kohlrabi, Melon and Jalapeno. Clean and well balanced. 

Sweetbread, with Chestnut truffle vinaigrette. I loved this dish. Wow, really comforting flavours, and just the right portion size. 

A Potato bread, made in the Casa Caminada bakery, with a natural butter and a delightful salted whipped butter.

The first starter up next. Pike perch, with different cabbages with sweet and sour plum, and in a side bowl a Tartar of pike perch with a white cabbage sorbet. Incredible. This was visually beautiful but all the flavours worked so well, the cabbage sorbet a revelation and the crispy kale delicious. 

A surprise dish up next; Cauliflower cream of miso with a warm cauliflower vinaigrette. The cauliflower looked like a glossy meatball, and it tasted good, so much umami going on here. I wolfed this dish down so fast and loved every mouthful.

Pork belly, portobello mushrooms, a beetroot sauce, this was another cracking dish. So much flavour in every bite. Yet again, another visually stunning plate, with so much colour, a feast on the eyes, palate and senses. 

Char, with leek and buttermilk. Delicate well balanced flavours.

Duck, pan fried breast, pumpkin, apricot and fermented garlic. Oh wow, what a dish, beautifully cooked duck, with the sweetness of both the pumpkin and apricot, and the addition of a side bowl being a Braised leg of duck with a spicy foam, this was rich but perfectly balanced and just the right portion size.

A clean tasting dessert next. Sea buckthorn ice cream,  burnt yoghurt cream and a double cream cheesecake. This was super light. I really enjoyed the sea buckthorn, fresh and clean.

To finish was a feast of Petit fours a Chocolate macaron, Praline with pollen, Opera cake with sesame and malt- wow, then a Ring doughnut too, a Tart hazelnut sable, and Rice pudding with pear. They were all absolute heaven. 

And then a final dessert of Quince with caramelised pear, a quince sorbet, yoghurt cream, and absolutely incredible hot quark souffle. By this point I was pretty full so a small bite of everything sufficed. 

A lovely treat from Andreas to wash it all down with, being a bottle of Champagne, a vintage 2013 Dom Pérignon.

What an experience, just incredible, a few stand out dishes. Next time I will stay here upon my return, as I want to explore more of the area and all that Andreas has created. What a very special place. 

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Justine Murphy