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  • Visit Date: May 2021
  • Restaurant: SOLA
  • Address: 64, Dean Street, London
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 203 730 7883

Given, we were still quite freshly out of lockdown, but there were more than a few teething issues which could and should have been avoided. Waiting just to be offered a drink, water even, for around ten minutes while the staff stood only an arm’s length away, set the tone for me and strike one.

The quite lovely snacks arrived, however, no small plates provided, and they weren’t one bite, leaving myself and my dining companion trying to bite and share over the dish they arrived in, and crumbs and drips onto the table. Strike two.

And then strike three, I’m allergic to crab, a serious allergy which comes with a childhood story of anaphylactic shock, but fine with all other shellfish and seafood. I have never not been given an alternative if there is crab on the menu, until I came to SOLA. The crab dish came out for my friend, and I sat with…nothing. Couldn’t offer even a veggie dish to give me something to eat and left my friend feeling slightly awkward for his eating something while I didn’t. 

Just left a big underwhelming feeling for the rest of the meal, which was only further tampered by the over friendly sommelier who kept jumping into our conversations and asking personal questions, just felt all very mickey mouse and as lovely as the rest of the food was, just a bit ‘meh’ upon leaving.

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