Studio Frantzén

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  • Visit Date: 28th November 2022
  • Restaurant: Studio Frantzén
  • Address:  Harrods, 5th floor, 87–135 Brompton Road. London, SW1X 7XL

Here we go, THE most highly anticipated London opening of the year, and it was amazing. 

I have been eagerly counting down for Studio Frantzén to open. Oh my goodness, just incredible. What a gorgeous space and all the vibes of Frantzén, but blended with Zen- of which I have not yet been to but a good way to get a taste of what their offerings are right here in London. The menu is a blend of both Nordic and Asian vibes, and it was all just incredible. 

Their wine list was remarkable, and extra points for their house champagne being the very same that we stock ourselves as our house champagne at mymuybueno, being Pierre Paillard, Grand Cru which I love. 

Time to eat. Straight into the sheer joy which came from the famous milk bread, oh wow, all the laminations, and served with blond miso butter with garlic, borage honey, and hay ash.. holy moly. It was just heaven. I was eating a lot so forced myself to only have one quarter of the bread and asked for the remainder to be wrapped to go, which I warmed through in the oven at home for my boys breakfast the next day. Needless to say they were very happy. Frantzén bread for breakfast, with chocolate spread. Heaven. 

Onto snacks and I had three different oysters. The Rockefeller, delicious, the Swedish, which was so different and very tasty, with flavours of the pine and fermented lingonberries. But the one I loved the most, was the Grilled Oyster with smoked butter sauce, N25 caviar and dirty seaweed oil… WOW. It was so good, I had to order another. 

Next onto starters, I had the Tuna Tartare with Red Deer, this was a beautiful dish, the Sashimi of Hiramasa, stunning also but for me the one that blew me away, and my palate was the Roasted Orkney Scallops, with Scrambled Duck Eggs, lashings of truffle, and beurre noisette. HOLY MOLY. What a dish. Comforting and delicious, it has secured a spot in my top ten dishes of 2022 for certain. Loved it. 

Onto mains. the Turbot dish was absolutely outstanding, three different types of N25 caviar, running through the butter sauce à la Sandefjord with anchovy juice, and served with Koshihiikari rice and crispy onions, wow. I will order this again when I return. Really good. 

The beef dish sadly fell down, it was day one after all, and of course things need to be ironed out, annoyingly it was the Beef Brisket dish, Sweden vs Japan, and here Japan won. The Japanese Wagyu was beautifully cooked and melt in your mouth, the brisket sadly was dry, so dry, like straw. I don’t know how brisket can be messed up, but something went wrong here and I just about chewed my way through the first mouthful and left the rest. Sides were great, loved the Hasselback potato with cream cheese, and even the butter sake braised greens. 

I was pretty full by this point but of course had to squeeze in a few puddings to try, being the Caramelised Banana, with rum and raisin ice cream topped with frozen shaved foie gras… oh yes. It was slightly too rich for my palate, but very good. I also had the Lingonberry Marshmallow Sorbet and Waffle, woah, forget the cutlery, I held this in my hand and felt like a child as I indulged in all its messy sweet and sour glory. I loved this, and the liquorice meringue also. Great flavours, and a fab ending. 

The service was exceptional, Robin the manager was so lovely, and gave me a tour, I went up to the roof terrace to take in the view after dinner of London at night and enjoyed a cocktail before heading back down to say hello to Björn and Marcus, and then I sat at the bar by the entrance and had a few drinks there because the atmosphere was so very good, as well as the music too, thanks to the very DJ Matt Grierson too. 

As you have seen the menu here is à la carte, very much bistro vibes which makes it even more special.

I’ll be here a lot in 2023 for sure.   

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