• Visit Date: October 2021
  • Restaurant: The Clove Club
  • Address: 380 Old Street, London
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 207 7296496

Not sure what to write here to be honest. The bar in London is already so high, restaurants without stars pushing out amazing cooking consistently and excellent attentive service to match. I had flown in from Denmark after eating at noma the night before, and stuck in crazy London traffic to arrive, so my guest was waiting for me for half an hour, but we decided to make up for lost time, and go for the tasting menu, no wine, just water.   

I was so very intrigued to see what this place was all about, as not only does it have a Michelin star, it’s also on the world’s 50 best restaurant list at number 32. 

From my guest getting poured my sparkling water into her still glass, multiple times and the awkwardness of having to keep requesting a new glass and fresh water, to the dishes which just, I don’t quite know what happened. It was like cooks on my own agency books, playing at being chefs. They don’t have the skill set, or experience or techniques mastered, but striving to deliver on the same level and clearly it’s not the same. The photos can do the talking. I am stumped quite frankly. At £200 a head, with no wine, and this level of cooking, it was a real shame really. Disappointing and a waste of a lunch, if it wasn’t so late in the day, we most likely would have gone elsewhere after as we were starving. No ‘real’ coffee at the end either, an overpriced service of a vase of what looked like someone pressed the nespresso machine without the pod inside. I am sad to have to even write all this, as I desperately wanted it to be better than this, but. It just didn’t deliver. The company was great. The rest not so. 

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