Woven by Adam Smith

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Arriving to the most beautiful grounds, up a long stretch of driveway to a big grand house, one can’t help but feel like I have stepped into an episode of Bridgerton. For this magnificent place is Coworth Park and the setting and home for Woven by Adam Smith.

I firstly sit to interview Adam for my podcast, he will be our season finale episode, and he is just the loveliest grounded guy, who, if you didn’t know, has a sterling number of years under his belt working at The Ritz under John. As many of you know, I absolutely adore everything there, so I knew I was going to be in for a treat with Adam and all his own vision and creations.

The outside setting is stunning. The day had started with blue skies and of course quickly turned to grey. When I return I would love to explore the grounds properly. Inside is equally gorgeous, very natural and earthy, relaxed yet still refined and elegant. It’s a beautiful dining room, and prior to entering, you walk through a huge, gorgeous door and into an entrance which has an area for all the cheeses and also plenty of wines, most especially English wines, of which I got to enjoy with my meal. 

Let’s begin, starting off with the snacks. A very tasty bite, English wagyu, cheese, apple gel. Deep fried sweetbreads, wrapped in a roll of salad with mooli on the outside. Absolutely delicious, I loved it.

A deboned, deep fried chicken wing with a tarragon glaze and lime. Just wonderful. These very much set the tone for the meal ahead.

Jersey royal potatoes, milk foam, potato crisp, oscietra caviar. What an exceptional dish, the textures, the balance of flavours, all spot on.

Jelly Devon eel, parsley oil with smoked eel soup poured on top. Gold, green, caviar raised to the surface, swirl and sip. I adored this little sparkly bowl of decadence. A first for me having eel soup and it was delicious.

After the soup was finished, a little bite to the side. Last summer’s tomato, taken pulp dehydrated, tomato mousse, cheese sable, tomato gel. Very good.

A designated bread course next. Well, this was a course that helped me to very much remember the bread and butter. I am sometimes a little disappointed when I get bread as an actual course but this has now set the bar. Incredible and quite frankly the best bread course I have ever had. 

Five different types of bread. Armenian Flatbread. Sourdough. Rye bread topped with pumpkin seeds. Parker house with cardamon and glazed with their own honey. Cheese croissant with poppy seeds.

Lobster oil sour cherry. Onion and miso jam. Sunflower hummus and the most glorious butter. OOOOFT. I wanted to take the lot and run away to a room upstairs and sit in a dressing gown to indulge, however with no stretchy pants on, I had to restrict myself but my goodness, it was just exceptional. 

From the Wye Valley, the first English asparagus of the season, came next, this was so beautiful visually, topped with oscietra caviar and beurre blanc. Fresh and well balanced, every ingredient was just perfect.

An excellent pairing throughout, the wines were spot on and complementing each dish beautifully.

BBQ Hen of the woods, dehydrated cauliflower and garlic velouté, this was a stonkingly good dish. Really exceptional.

A little moment to pause and take in and appreciate the room here. So much thought, and texture, and it’s so delicate, with hidden subtle features, like the strings of parachutes lining the walls even. Just so much detail and love. It’s a very calming space to be in. Also, while chatting to Joel about the room design, I learnt about the 240 acres of estate and also how they have an on site forager too. This is one very special place to be.  

On the road to Paris next, this is Adam’s dish from Great British Menu. Cornish Brill and the most insanely amazing Champagne sauce. There’s trout and truffle mousse, truffle macaron, pickled cucumber, caviar and romanesco cauliflower. The sauce was so delicious, I said a resounding yes please to Joel’s suggestion of more sourdough to mop it all up with.

Salt aged Yorkshire Lamb stuffed with sausage, which was made with sweetbread and smoked tongue. Two purees, delicious morel and an equally tasty garlic parsley, a lettuce salad, and to the side, a sweetbread and cheese bowl of goodness. Woah, what a dish. Again, so much incredible flavour, every ingredient singing, and executed with love and care.

Moving to the sweet side. Blood orange ‘religieuse white chocolate puck, blood orange curd. This was very good.

Chocolate brownie base with vanilla crème fraiche. This was made using a bespoke signature chocolate that Adam flew to Valrhona himself to create, a bar of this was given at the end which was delicious. Another dessert of poached rhubarb and white chocolate. Both were excellent although I was too full to finish them by this stage.

Petit fours to finish, with a Difference Coffee, which is always the most perfect way to finish an excellent meal.

Beautiful service, a real family and close-knit team vibe. Before I went in for my lunch, I had a brief bit of time to potter around after interviewing Adam, and I was observing a few of the team doing some training, it was really lovely to see, and a real passion and excitement behind closed doors, with a massive dose of pride and care.

A very special thank you to Joel Knotman, every restaurant in the world needs a Joel. His career is going to go far. He was the perfect example of incredible hospitality in every single way.

The English wine pairing was truly fantastic and there were a few delightful surprises, with many that I would never have imagined could be from England. It was paired perfectly. The food is knock your socks off excellent. Really superb. Adam and his team have created something really sterling, and I can’t wait to return. I can’t recommend it enough, book and get yourself there. I would book to stay at the hotel next time too as they have such beautiful grounds, spa and more, it would be the perfect weekend escape from London life, with cracking food to match the surroundings.

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