Claude Bosi at Bibendum ( visit 2 )

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  • Visit Date: Saturday 4th November 2023
  • Restaurant: Bibendum
  • Address: Michelin House, 81 Fulham Road, London, SW3 6RD

For my birthday I enjoyed a weekend of indulgence with my two little foodies. I have been wanting to take my boys here for some time to try the chicken, and for them to try my favourite soufflé, their first soufflé ever. In fact they experienced many firsts, such as foie gras ice cream, my youngest loved it, but it was too rich for my oldest’s palate, they adored the white truffle, their langoustine pasta, and every single dish before and after.

The chicken was incredible, both servings, we were pretty stuffed after serving one and just the thought of having another made us feel even fuller, but it came out in the form of a little taco, adding a squeeze of lime, this was a genius move, I loved it. Everything was so delicious. 

What an incredible time we had together. Watching their faces, listening to their feedback, their palates really growing, and being able to enjoy and talk about and appreciate food and flavours in such a way, is a gift I can give to them. A huge contrast from my own childhood experiences surrounding food, and what makes this time all the more significant. 

The service was utterly incredible, my boys listened carefully to each dish presented, and towards the end were given little chef hats and invited to the kitchen. What an experience and memory created. Claude’s incredible chocolate soufflé is still the best I have ever tasted. It brings me such joy to eat, and being able to share that with my boys, was the perfect and most beautiful and cherished birthday gift. 

#mymuybueno #mymuybuenochefs #mymuybuenovisits #eatlivelearn

#mymuybueno #mymuybuenochefs #mymuybuenovisits #eatlivelearn