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mymuybueno Cookery School is passionate about building confidence in cooking.

Our courses are run with 8 students at a time, keeping them intimate with maximum practical hands on cooking.

We have many different courses covering a vast range of cuisines and skills, to provide and build on your culinary training, with many of our courses taught by chef tutors who have or currently work on superyachts and are represented by our agency, mymuybueno Private Chefs, as this is our area of expertise.
We also have Guest Chefs from the culinary world to share their talent and skills with our students, these are known chefs who we have interviewed for our mymuybueno Chefs Get Personal and also featured on mymuybueno Chefs.  Bringing these amazing chefs to our school, to make them accessible, and to share their ‘my’ with you, and for you to gain a once in a lifetime culinary experience and enhance your skills and techniques.