Da Terra

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  • Visit Date: 12th November 2021
  • Restaurant: Da Terra
  • Address: 8 Patriot Square, London
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 207 062 2052

This was not just a meal, it was a journey, through Rafa’s passions to share with you and the discovery of new ingredients and flavours. 

Beef taco was excellent. The chicken wings, liver, yolk, crispy delicious foot and onion was just a fun feast of all the parts of the chicken and so crammed with flavour. The Moqueca- wow wild halibut, palm heart, farofa, this being a dish from Brazil and one Rafa is very clearly proud to have on his menu, and he should be. It was wonderful, I wish I could have kept hold of the whole original pot when presented. 

The Ravioli, with duck was very good, and an amazing lamb dish and an even more incredible cheese course with guava – named Romeo and Juliet – such is the pairing so perfect.

The baba of all babas to follow- and for a baba to top Marco’s at Hélène Darroze at The Connaught because that has been my number one for some time, says a lot, but this, holy moly, this was outstanding, and a work of absolute genius. Simple yet just excellent. Salty bursts of caviar, Kaluga Hybrid no less, on top of sweet, cold, delicious pistachio ice cream, and then a Cachaça soaked Baba- again paying homage to Rafael’s Brazilian roots, so each mouthful and a comforting sponge with a burst of cachaça, with everything else going on, pushed this to the best dessert ever for me. I loved it.

The team here is so hospitable, you feel like you are welcomed into their home, with a big open kitchen and their serving each table with the chefs from the kitchen, it was simply wonderful. 

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