Endo at The Rotunda

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  • Visit Date: Friday 22nd September 2023
  • Restaurant: Endo at the Rotunda
  • Address: 8th Floor, The Helios, Television Centre, 101 Wood Lane, London, W12 7FR

What an experience. I have been wanting to come here for years and finally have made it. What an incredibly special time I had. Endo is absolutely hilarious, with the best sense of humour, and energy. This truly is an experience. The vibe with his team and the explanations of each dish, and the added humour, make it just amazing and also relaxed. I really didn’t expect that at all, and my goodness, the absolute feast of sushi was insane. The most delicious I have ever tasted. I can now see why it not only holds a Michelin star but why the wait is so great. The restaurant is gorgeous, I loved the lighting and the counter which is made from 200 year old hinoki wood.

Go and watch the highlights with sound to really immerse yourself with this whole experience and each dish explanation, but I’ll run through them all here. To start was Goto Udon, from Nagasaki’s Goto Islands, this was a cold and tasty dish and good start.

Endo’s Business Card came next, Tuna Temaki with really sterling quality nori. Loved this. Cornish Mackerel Nigiri next which was one of my favourites, followed by Chawanmushi with Lobster and lotus roots which was superb. Onto more nigiri and one with Oyster, then one with Red Prawn and paste made from the head, topped with caviar. And Orkney Island Scallop, topped the next nigiri, with more caviar, and then a really incredible dish of fatty Tuna that had been seared, and served with egg and black truffle.

Next was Cornish Red Mullet Nigiri, just beautiful, and then came the melt in your mouth Chūtoro, which had been cut from a 10 day aged belly of a 280kg tuna from Spain. It was like nothing I have ever put in my mouth before. I LOVED THIS. It literally evokes a burst of joy just remembering this moment now. Brill from Devon next, which was so clear, you could see the wasabi through it, nigiri again, and then a special for me of Sea Bass nigiri, which was incredible, as the dish served to others was crab.

Smoked Trout Nigiri next, another firm favourite, and then a Takiawase course, with Agedashi Tofu, Chanterelle Mushroom and a delicious dash broth. Then out came the Binchotan with charcoal from Wakayama, fatty tuna was seared over it and served as nigiri with an oyster underneath too. Smoky, fatty, salty heaven.

The Miyazaki beef main course was utterly delicious, however I was crazy full by this point, so had to have a taste and let my dining companions finish for me. Then moving to the other side of the restaurant for some tea and a creme brûlée to finish, and a gift of a signed menu, which Endo spent time doing each one, which was special to watch and capture, and a set of chopsticks too. Just wonderful. I loved it all and can’t wait to return.

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