Endo at the Rotunda (visit 2)

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  • Visit Date: Saturday 2nd March 2024
  • Restaurant: Endo at the Rotunda
  • Address: 8th Floor, The Helios, Television Centre, 101 Wood Ln, London W12 7FR
  • Website: endoatrotunda.com

My second time here and I loved it even more. Most definitely enjoyed coming for a lunch this time. Truly up in the clouds, in fact, we had all the weather on my visit, at one stage there were blue skies and perfect sunshine on my left and snow, yes snow to my right. So crazy, then the most beautiful rainbow appeared which was very special.

I loved absolutely everything and to really enjoy this you should go experience it via my video highlights as Endo and his team and their personalities are so incredible as it is all explained.

My favourite, Endo san’s Business Card, this is amazing every time, and you can see why it is Endo’s signature, and therefore his business card, because it is absolutely delicious. Never tasted anything like it. So good.

Clams, Akami, Brill, Red Mullet, Oyster, Scallops, Mr Tanaka’s Tuna, Mackerel, Trout, Eggs, Binchotan Wagyu, Koji Brulee and their own Blended Tea to finish.

My favourite nigiri once again was the mackerel, it was sensational. The whole experience here is a must do, there is nothing as good. Endo’s character and humour is a huge part, and the quality of the ingredients which are excellent, and very nice to see N25 caviar here now too, with the most beautiful service and hospitality make this a must do. They are currently having a refurbishment but once they announce their date to open again, I recommend you go book in right away.

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