etch. by Steven Edwards

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  • Visit Date: 20th November 2021
  • Restaurant: etch. by Steven Edwards
  • Address: Church Road, Hove, Brighton
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 1273 227485

My final visit of the year took me out of London finally, to come and visit Steven. He has been on my radar for many years with mymuybueno Chefs and we have interviewed him too and after doing a refurb of his existing restaurant, and extending it too ( he took over the next door ) I knew I had to pay him a visit, and my goodness, what a visit it was.  

There is so much to love here, Steven is massively talented, and he cares a lot about his team and really delivering well to his client base. So many dishes here were incredible, the marmite brioche with seaweed butter- wow. Soup- I haven’t seen soup on a menu for so long and how I missed it. His menu stays the same but changes with seasonality, but certain dishes, like the bread and butter, and having a soup, remain staples. Rightly so, as they were excellent. 

Another signature of the Dippy Egg was very good, and the Scallop dish was amazing. So much flavour. More very good cooking with the veal and the duck too. Good ingredients cooked well and presented beautifully. A chocolate fondant with truffle ice cream and more truffle on top was my favourite dessert, chocolate, and truffle, yes please. It worked. Steven is more than one to watch, he is shooting for a Michelin star for sure. Service was attentive and the whole vibe relaxed, unpretentious and very good. I would make the journey back here again in a heartbeat. 

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