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  • Visit Date: 26th May 2021
  • Restaurant: HIDE
  • Address: 85 Piccadilly, London
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 203 146 8666

The day I fell in love with Hide. The big wooden windy staircase. The lovely hubbub that fills the restaurant but at a level that enables you to speak freely, and your conversation not be heard. The attentive but just right, level of service. And the food. The excellent food. We have interviewed Ollie before too.

Green and white asparagus, warm hay buttermilk, soft boiled duck egg. Followed by THAT Herdwick lamb dish which blew me away. The acorn cake- which reminded me so much of Heston’s tipsy cake, with its comforting and boozy indulgence, rum, smoked caramel, loads of lamination and even clotted cream for extra dirty-ness. I semi skipped, semi rolled out of here, and cannot wait to be back soon. 

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