HIDE (visit 3)

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  • Visit Date: August 2021
  • Restaurant: HIDE
  • Address: 85 Piccadilly, London
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 203 146 8666

By now you know how much I love Hide. It is truly my happy place, and the only restaurant I have visited so many times and the menu changes often enough yet the favourites are on there to always enjoy too ( truffle and Lardo di Colonnata flatbreads, oysters with caviar ) I have taken clients here for business meetings, my team, my family, date night, it ticks all the boxes because it has a wonderful vibe. It is unpretentious and relaxed. The music and hubbub is just the right level that I can fully relax and unwind, and enjoy talking freely without fear of prying ears, which in my line of work, matters greatly. The food is always excellent, it’s good food, cooked perfectly and presented brilliantly. The wine list is exceptional, and the service is incredible, a home away from home. 

This visit, we came for breakfast, and oh boy, need we have a breakfast of champions, truffle galore, amazing fresh mango with kaffir lime, beautiful pastries- they make all their breads and pastry here- the kitchens are incredible and it’s a slick operation to run three services a day. French toast, a croque monsieur that my oldest loved, and even picked up the mustard in it, his palate keeps getting better. 

By the end of the year I will have actually visited a whopping nine times, that tells you everything. Breakfast, lunch or dinner you will be in your happy place here too.

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