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  • Visit Date: 19th March 2022
  • Restaurant: Ikoyi
  • Address: 1 St. James’s Market, London
  • Telephone: +44 (0)20 3583 4660

I have been wanting to get here for so so long, and finally I made it. I’ve lost count of how many conversations I have had on the correct way to pronounce ‘Ikoyi’ ( IK-OI ) I have many a chef and foodie friend who have been frequenting here for years and love it, so I had high expectations for sure.

Let’s cut to the chase. First impressions sadly weren’t great- being served all the snacks yet the wine hadn’t even arrived yet, when it did, the bottle was warm off the shelf and I had to ask for it to be chilled and then I had to ask for any glass of cold fizz or wine to enjoy with the food, while it was chilling. For somewhere that now holds two stars, no matter how rustic, I don’t quite know what happened.

Onto the food, and I can see why it’s loved so much. It’s delicious, and different, and I love spice – so for me, the warming chilli notes were all very good, to start.

However, be warned, by the time you get to the mains, holy moly. I could barely feel my face, and anyone who knows me, knows I love all my extra hot blistering chillies and can handle and love spice, but not to the point that I can’t taste anything else going on because I need to shove my head into an ice bucket. I loved it- because I love spice, but for me to say this, says a lot, because anyone who doesn’t love spice, or can only handle a little, it would be just way too much. Just tone that one dish down a touch and it would be spot on.

It was good, the restaurant environment itself is strange, I felt like I was in an airport or service station café or something, but I believe that’s all changing later this year.

Favourites- I loved the octopus snack, the plantain with the smoked kelp and blackberry. The turbot was excellent with artichoke miso, yum, and the steamed brioche was soooo delicious. It was good, the food was good, and apart from the faux pas at the start, the service was excellent- you can see everything over on the video highlights.

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