Kitchen Table ( visit 2 )

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  • Visit Date: Wednesday 13th December 2023
  • Restaurant: Kitchen Table
  • Address: 70 Charlotte Street, London

Stonkingly good as always. Kitchen Table and it’s amazing vibe, as you are immersed into James Knappett’s world of beautiful ingredients and clever combinations. This is actually my fourth time here, second official visit. It just gets better and better. There are always the classic Kitchen Table dishes which I adore and a little twist or variation made to make them ever so slightly different to the last time, without deviating from the heart of the dish. The tagliatelle of squid is always a knockout dish, trout with foie, even better than last time I had it, really good duck and chef treats it too, which I love, James’ epic tarte tatin for his cheese course, meadowsweet truffle combo for dessert, it’s always evolving, and each course is incredible. 

Amazing wine pairing, of which yes, I take my time with them and end up with a semi circle of glasses by the end. So I don’t get too sloshed and my photos and videos actually stay in focus and also I don’t miss capturing anything. 

And of course beautiful company, for what has now become our Christmas time dinner tradition, last year at Bibendum and now KT, where will we go next year? Harriet Mansell?

James is one of our mega talented Guest Chefs at MACA and you can take his course which covers six dishes which are all versions of this very menu and his classics, so you can recreate your own Kitchen Table tasting menu yourself. Head to direct to our online academy to book his and any one of our amazing courses. 

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