Maison Sota

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  • Visit Date: Sunday 25th February 2024
  • Restaurant: Maison Sota
  • Address: 3 Rue Saint-Hubert, 75011 Paris, France
  • Website:

What an absolute gem. I can state very clearly that this is my favourite Paris restaurant so far, ( alongside Le Clarence for fine dining ) it was beyond incredible. I had just interviewed Jackson Boxer for my podcast just a few days before and he spoke highly about his recent experience here. Little did I know that my gourmand friends had already booked, and I then extended my trip, which was only going to be for reviewing Plénitude, so I could join, and my goodness, I am so very glad I did. I was quite aware of the clock as I needed to depart fairly fast after eating, and they kept a good pace going for us because of this. Just absolutely exceptional, how this does not have the recognition of Michelin I do not know, because it was incredible, I would make a journey just to Paris to eat here again and I will.

I had many favourite dishes, the fresh scallops were outstanding, the risotto with freshly sliced walnut and koji was a comforting few bites that I wanted to go on forever and could quite happily have devoured an entire bowl. An onion, filled with morels and black truffle, and an albufera sauce, delicious. Mediterranean red tuna. Excellent.

Lobster, this is one that Jackson had raved about, cooked à la minute, served with a gorgeous sauce, rich and deep in flavour from the lobster liver, the claw served in a bowl to the side, grilled herbs and a cabbage leaf which had been cooked in a fish broth. I loved this. Just delicious.

Monkfish with a whey sauce and gentle smoky flavours. The wood fired pigeon was exceptional, and by now I was quickly filling up and I had to as usual offer my plate round to not waste any of the deliciousness, but it was wonderful, gnarly sticky, unctuous.

A treat next, in the form of an incredibly well executed duck pithivier. Wonderful. Just bowled over by how absolutely tasty everything was. I was now having to gear up to race to catch my train back to London, and tasted briefly the two desserts, a chocolate sabayon and a kiwi pavlova. The desserts probably my least favourite of all the dishes as they were not as strongly executed as all the savoury delights.

Final thoughts, loved it all, I will be back, again and again.

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