Mãos (visit 2)

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  • Visit Date: 16th March 2022
  • Restaurant: Mãos
  • Address: 41, Redchurch Street, London 
  • Telephone: +44 (0) 207 739 9733

Mãos is my happy place. I have been here three times now, this being my second official visit, and the time before being for mymuybueno Chef’s Table, and I am so very glad we managed to have it here because the news that Mãos is closing at the end of April is beyond sad. What a loss to London.

Edoardo Pellicano is quite simply incredible. Raw talent with a massive heart, he is marching to the beat of his own drum in all his authentic brilliance. It says a lot when I speak so highly of a chef in this way. I love his food, the flavours, the passion, the interaction in the kitchen too, which is everything. Just being immersed in seeing the dishes come together, enjoying a glass of wine and eating in there,  it’s all just so very special and unlike anything else. His entire team are also just lovely, and a reflection on Eddie once more.

Eddie’s coming out to share each dish to the room. The intimacy of all of it. It’s all heart and it’s really good. Still my absolute favourite dish has to be the Milk Mantou glazed with beef and abalone garum, with six month aged caviar, red prawn and Longhorn tartare. It’s exceptional. Umami heaven here in all the ways. My second favourite is the lobster, it’s the best lobster I have ever eaten, it’s firm and meaty and just delicious and how lobster should be. I have a lot of love for the sunken honey cake too, although by this stage I am always so full and force it down me. Eddie was so kind last time, he made a cake just for my boys to take home, (not saturated in Kaiyo whisky which the first one I took home from leftovers was, and it was slightly strong for them and went to school with whisky breath… whoops). Honey cake without the whisky for breakfast in my house for a few days always goes down a lot better. Just an example of Eddie and his thoughtful generous nature too.  

I will follow Eddie wherever he will go, which means I’ll be heading to Singapore when he is ready there with his new restaurant. If you can get a seat before they close Mãos, I urge you to do so, it’s an experience you should have at least once, and one that will stay with you and your palate forever.

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