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Covering a different topic each fortnight and welcoming inspiring guests, all of whom are women in business, sharing their own journey and experiences with you.

Tackling real issues that determine the day to day and the bigger picture when running your own business. Keeping it real and talking about it all. The finance, the growth, the successes, the naysayers, the multi-tasking, the insecurities, the ups and downs, the social media, and the ability to adapt and evolve in difficult times.

This podcast is about sharing honestly and vulnerably, for you to take away what resonates to apply into your own world, personally and professionally.

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In our season finale of Season 1, we have guest Serena Cook who joins Justine to share all about her journey leading to founding Deliciously Sorted Ibiza in 2002, her concierge and events company for the A list in Ibiza. 

And talking all about this fortnight’s topic of Delegation, when it’s the right time to take on help in your business and recognising that you can’t do it all. 

Serena is a self proclaimed “manager of expectations” on an island where guidance and insider knowledge are essential. The company won Best European Business in 2015, she is the exclusive agent for David and Cathy Guetta’s Villa Titanium, (top 10 villas in the world, Forbes List), she has written Ibiza columns for Tatler, Pacha and Ibiza Style, owns Casa Delicious, contributed to the Ibiza coffee table book Outstanding 100 and launched Assouline’s ‘Ibiza Bohemia’. 

In 2008 she co-founded the Ibiza Preservation Fund to preserve the islands’ exceptional beauty and natural value, raising significant funds and making real change on the island, not just to it’s wildlife and land but also to it’s residents and their livelihoods too. 

Serena’s background is in the restaurant world. From the ages of 20 – 23 she owned and ran Odeon, a Mediterranean restaurant in Bogota, Colombia. When the politics got nasty she returned to London working for Oliver Peyton in the events team at The Atlantic and front of house at Coast. At 25 she opened England’s first certified organic cafe in London with Sheherazade and Zac Goldsmith. Her journey is both fascinating and truly inspiring. 

When good friend Jade Jagger suggested a summer in Ibiza, Serena seized an opportunity that sent her career snowballing and laid the roots and foundations for the very company it stands tall as today. 

Serena is a taste maker, an influencer and a trail blazer who can deliciously sort just about anything.

Follow Serena on Instagram and  Deliciously Sorted Ibiza and the Ibiza Preservation Fund

Website:  Deliciously Sorted Ibiza  and the book Serena mention is The One MInute Manager.

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