To inspire, empower, strengthen, support and motivate women in business. Hosted by Justine Murphy, founder of mymuybueno, as she shares her own experiences in growing her business and brand, being a mother and overcoming adversity, all of which she shares to inspire and empower others with.

Covering a different topic each fortnight and welcoming inspiring guests, all of whom are women in business, sharing their own journey and experiences with you.

Tackling real issues that determine the day to day and the bigger picture when running your own business. Keeping it real and talking about it all. The finance, the growth, the successes, the naysayers, the multi-tasking, the insecurities, the ups and downs, the social media, and the ability to adapt and evolve in difficult times.

This podcast is about sharing honestly and vulnerably, for you to take away what resonates to apply into your own world, personally and professionally.

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Social Media

Justine covers all things social media today. Sharing her own experiences of social media and how she found Instagram to be the platform that works best for her and her company and brand mymuybueno. Covering the use of hashtags, the difference between targeting local and global, connecting with people you never would connect with and building your community in the most amazing ways, attracting your tribe. The realties of the highs and lows also, talking about trolls and haters, and also sharing via your story, how everyone sees the highlights, but it’s not real life, and ultimately business. How to stay true to your authentic self when sharing in the right ways. It’s a powerhouse episode to boost you in all the ways to get your social media working for you and more.

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