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  • Visit Date: Saturday 24th February 2024
  • Restaurant: Plénitude
  • Address: 8 Quai du Louvre, 75001 Paris, France
  • Website:

It’s long been on my visit list, and I had been to this hotel before, to visit a different restaurant and I am pleased to say that it exceeded my expectations. I started my evening with a glass of bubbles on the roof, overlooking Paris, which was magical. From there my glass escorted down with myself and my gourmand friends to Plénitude.

The most beautiful of dining room, and as we walked through it, and all the wines, leading to the private dining room, which was stunning. This experience was exceptional. I have run through the full menu below for those of you who would like to better understand about each dish and component. The most beautiful canapés to start, both visually incredible, and so much flavour in each bite. It was all about texture and flavour.

A special menu created by Arnaud for us to enjoy. Walking us through the Mediterranean seashore with all the incredible fresh flavours ahead.

Marinated sardine with refreshing flavours given by the fennel and tarragon.

Traditional oysters from the coast, with seaweed on a foam of sorrel. 

On the side, a crispy potato wafer with charcuterie of anchovy served with a bouillon with celery, carrots and mango infused with yuzu.

Served with Bouillon to drink in a small cup, containing bacon essence, Barolo vinegar, marjoram infusion, smoked butter, lemon olive oil and Sarawak pepper. With it a crispy tartlet of pheasant hen. Delicious.

Gambon (scarlet shrimp), marinated in yuzu oil served with broccolini, others had the addition of crab, citrus fruit, chives, coriander, and sorbet of grapefruit. The head served separately and was so tasty. The sauce, incredible.

Sardine / Fennel / Tarragon. Grilled sardine, escabeche stock, Lambrusco vinegar, bonito vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil infused with Mexican tarragon, egg yolk, fennel, and allspice. This sauce was addictive, and the first of Arnaud’s signature dishes, loosely based on the flavours of a Caesar salad.

Served with Vinaigrette containing asaku (pink grapefruit from Japan) and tangelo juice, ginger, citrus basil, grilled gamberoni claws oil, Boutellian olive oil and Red Sancho pepper.

The first bread arrived at this time too, a sourdough and my goodness, I could have just sat eating bread and mopping up the sauces all day long. Then came the selection of breads, a seaweed, pumpkin, focaccia with anchovy, and spelt, I chose the pumpkin and also the anchovy and it was absolute heaven. I could have just sat eating the bread and mopping up the sauces and been very content and in a happy place indeed.

Scallops / Seaweed / Caviar. Normandy seashore next. Sea scallop cooked meunière style served with caviar and potatoes which was buttery but also refreshing with the lemon balm and verbena. The bouillon ‘Aloyse’ was made with fish stock, lemon and lemon balm branch, verbena, sea lettuce, abalone juice, brown butter, flat oyster, Boutellian olive oil, Furio wine vinegar and Verbena pepper. The caviar mixed into the sauce was exquisite. Beautiful flavours and serious cooking here. I loved this scallop dish so much.

Langoustine / Jerusalem Artichoke / Black Cardamom. Langoustine, delicately roasted with Jerusalem artichoke flower with black cardamom. Candied shallots. Citrus fruits. Served with Sabayon, containing langoustine consommé, helianthis essence, Jerusalem artichoke’s flower vinegar, coral sauce, toasted claw butter, citrus maceration with Chardonnay wine, shallot reduction and black cardamom.

A moment by the fireplace next, to evoke comfort, a winter warmer, a beautiful consommé served with truffle, fennel, foie gras, pasta. Beautiful, delicate and light and also comforting, like a hug in a bowl.

Chicken marinated in Sauternes wine and poached with spinach and truffle. Absolutely delicious, loved this dish. Served with a velouté containing saffron chicken broth, Yquem wine maceration, lemongrass infusion, Sauternes vinegar, celery, rosemary, farm cream, truffle essence, semi-salted butter and Timut pepper. Exceptional.

A walk to the main dining room and inside an alcove, view the outstanding selection of cheeses including camembert, 18-months aged Roquefort and natural blue cheese, you will see all of the offerings on the video experience. 

First an ‘eau dessert, all the aromas to taste in the dessert, extracted from the skin and pod of the cacao bean, the white skin where the juice has come from. Very delicate.

A stunning Cocoa Pod Flower, served with a triple sauce containing raw bean emulsion, roasted bean chocolate and raw bean ice cream. A finale with petit fours served on a gorgeous pop-up that opened up as a scene of Paris. So beautiful, and I managed to get one as a gift to take for my boys.

My final thoughts. Wow. Just wow. The level here is certainly worthy of it’s three Michelin stars. Just exceptional. The sauces, the ingredients, the flavours. Excellent. The service and hospitality also superb. What an experience. Even at the end to provide their private car to take my friend and I back to our hotels. Just every detail, every thought, all the love. Only one point, one friend is left handed, and we are used to eating everywhere and often a Michelin star establishment of this level, would observe and provide a left handed spoon, but did not, so I hope this will be updated as it is a simple but special gesture to look after left handed guests. I will be back again, a very special place.

I was given a beautiful pastry to take away, in fact only the women were given these, oddly, as I know all the men really wanted one too, I enjoyed it for breakfast and can quite frankly state that it was the best pastry I have ever eaten. It was filled with rice pudding, I mean, wow, incredible. Ten out of ten in all the ways.

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