The Ledbury ( visit 3 )

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  • Visit Date: Tuesday 10th October 2023
  • Restaurant: The Ledbury
  • Address: 127 Ledbury Road, Notting Hill, London, W11 2AQ

Excellent as always. This is my fourth visit now, if I include my chef’s table and it just gets better and better. Strong canapes as always and I loved the mackeral dish a lot. Flawless service and humour. You really feel the hospitality here in every way. Brett, Tom and team are just nailing it consistently.

‘The’ Muntjac dumplings were such a joy to finally eat again, my last time being in 2017. Loved everything so much, quite literally rolled out, we ate very well.

Wonderful company with Hermes, N25. 

The feasting was as follows. Can’t wait to return again next year.

Oyster Emulsion.

Charcuterie from their own Iberian Pigs, Jersey Cows, and Sika Deer.

Jerusalem Artichoke Pancake, Lardo, Autmun Truffle.

Scallop Tempura, Fennel and Seaweed Mustard.

Chesnut Biscuit, Rosehip Jam and Duck Liver.

Pale Ale Croustade, Sika Tartare, Autumn Truffle and N25 Caviar.

Chalk Stream Trout, Miyagawa, Rose, Apple Marigold.

Mackerel, Plum, Radish, Sansho Pepper.

Veal Sweetbread, Cep, Arbois and Aged Beef Ponzu.

Wild Turbot, Native Lobster XO, Courgette, N25 Kaluga Reserve.

Mushrooms from the Cabinet, Potato, Yeast, Rosemary.

Japanese Sika Stag, Blackberry, Beetroot, Black Olive.

Black Fig, Fromage Blanc, Bergamot, Bee Pollen.

Blueberry, Long Pepper, Green Tea, Lemon Thyme.

Solomon Island Chocolate, Black Truffle, Cherry, Toasted Vanilla.

Mille Feuille, Blood Peach, Aynhoe Park Honey, Fig Leaf. 

White Truffle, Cookie Dough, Cep, Koji.

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#mymuybueno #mymuybuenochefs #mymuybuenovisits #eatlivelearn